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Description of the video guide «How to create a mod in Kenshi — how to change mod settings»

About Kenshi

Kenshi is a single player free-roaming Role Playing Game, with a Real-Time Strategy influence. Its squad-based, meaning you have a whole team of characters who can split up and go to different ends of the world. The game world is 400 square km of seamless terrain with a world map screen for fast-travel, Fallout style. You can play with one character, or with 50, and there are advantages to both. Combat is real-time and is based on swords and bows, action beat-em up style but with RPG stats influencing the outcome. No Magic. No fantasy cliches. Think of a combination of X-Com Apocalypse and Oblivion.

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What is up my fellow gamers it’s a viticulture AG in here and I thought I’d do something a little bit different this time and do kind of like a tutorial for kimchi kimchi is a really popular game on my channel everyone seems to like it and I love the game it’s awesome so I thought I would show you guys how to mod the game if you aren’t really familiar with how to do that it’s fairly simple but I’m going to walk you through some of the basics and then you can go and you know do some testing on your your end a lot of things that you change is it’s going to take a lot of testing to get it right but I can show you the basics so what we’re going to do here is you’re going to go into your computer you’re going to go to your C Drive you’re going to open either Program Files of Program Files x86 depending on what you have and then you’re going to go into your steam folder and then you’re going to open the steam apps folder and then within there you’re going to open the common folder and this is where all of your games are installed or have been installed in the past you’re going to open the kimchi folder obviously and so here we are we’re at program files x86 steam steamapps common kimchi alright.

In this folder there’s a forgotten constructor set Exe this is the game editor so we’re going to open this program and here we are so the first thing you want to do if you open this is click on new at the very top and it’s asking for a location to save a new mod file for kimchi and we’re just going to leave it in the data folder of kimchi so we’re just going to put 4 right now I’m going to do test.

That mod and you can already see already have my current one which is James mod vert dot mod comes with the game not exactly sure what the hell that is but anyway we’re just going to click Save here okay so now we have a test mod what we want to do is click open or load and you can see right now that the game database is currently selected we want to just go ahead and select test mod so what this is going to do is load the game data base into test mod so we’re going to click done and here we go all of the main game files have now been loaded into test mod so we can freely edit them change them and we can’t anything up so there’s all kinds of different things here on the left-hand side there’s you’re going to run into things that haven’t been implemented yet or our plan to be implemented so you can kind of find out a little bit about what’s coming.

Possibly unless something changes but here you can see all of the buildings you can you can change all of the integers for this you know you’re gonna have to play around with some of this stuff you know to figure out what it all does I mean I don’t really know but one cool thing is you can change the build speed and how many materials something it takes so that’s one thing if you wanted to build stuff really fast you can mod your game to do that you could just open up anything stone mine 4 or whatever or six whatever that is and you know just change the build speed and building materials so you could put that at one or put the build speed at 1 I guess or or at 10 I’m not sure which is higher or lower but and you can change the height of the buildings too if you want.

So that’s basically how you would change anything on the buildings you would just hit save afterwards and it’s all good so there’s all kinds of things with items you know you’re going to have to play around with this but you can change you know how much protection something gives you down here in the stats so you can change the blunt resistance to like 1.5 for the trader jacket if you want and you know fool around with stuff like that.

You know all it is is just changing numbers basically what I like to get into are the either the characters the factions that’s what I change the most so if we go into characters you’ll notice that there’s some characters in here that are hidden some you may be able to find in the game they I think they’re rare to find but you can change kind of like all of the stats for them so like dust bandits we can go in here and change you know what what the weapon skill is so we can change their horse shoppers to like 60 and just make them really badass we can change you know we could change randomizes or stats we could randomize it by 15 not sure what that would do but you can play around with it and see and all kinds of different things you can even add in all kinds of new things up here at the top so right here you have a drop-down menu and you can add in anything you want so for instance we could get change their starting health so let’s add you know you can change well that’s not really a good example I guess let’s see stats let’s we already have that let’s see so we have weapon level we don’t have that I guess we could add a backpack to them so we could add a small backpack so you can have dust bandits carry a backpack if you want this is going to modify all of them so all of them will carry a backpack kind of like the empire does so you can do is just add all kinds of different things in here now one thing to note is that you can’t remove something by well actually you can remove something by right-clicking on the bold part but you can also select this part here and then just right-click and choose remove from list and that will remove that option from from the dust bandits edit edit portion and then we just close that window some cool things in here you can look at the dialog so we can look at the dialog of the recruitment officer we can change we can change the dialogue if you want let’s see what is something that we we run into a lot recruitment officer now warden yeah I mean you could change something like this and say you or whatever and you know figure out how that works I haven’t done it really yet but you know you can take something from from these and kind of figure it out and you can just edit these modifiers here so that’s something pretty cool that you can look at the next thing they’ll look at is the factions and divisions under it so if you want to add more characters to an existing game you come into faction and then divisions and then you can change anything in here so if we go to Empire Army for instance we open that up you can see that by default there’s one Empire sergeant there’s three conscripts and three soldiers well we can change this to 15s conscripts and ten soldiers and maybe two sergeants and you can also let’s say we want to add a faction in here let’s say Empire is going to be at war with United City so we’re going to put United cities in here then we’re going to put a native 100 okay so basically the Empire faction will then have a negative 100 relations to United cities so we could technically have everybody at war with everyone if we wanted to and then you could add in like you know you could put 50 troops if you wanted or a hundred and then just have one big giant clusterfuck of a battle everybody’s attacking everybody it would take a little while to set up but you could do it so that’s something you could do there and then there’s everything everything is in here you could just change it around I haven’t really figured out what the recruit list is basically I think this is the amount of characters that you can recruit in the game or that you can find I’m not really sure kind of have to play around with these numbers and figure that out one other thing that’s interesting that you could do is change the militia guards so you’ll notice that actually no it’s not what is it mercenary gate guards I think it is it’s one of these but you could change that to change how many guards are at the gate of the town so if you know you wanted to have an easier start you could have like 20 dust bandits in a group but then you can increase the the gate guards of the town to like ten ten mercenaries and and then you can lead that squad into the town and start off the game like that with getting armour from them and selling it and so forth so that’s something you can do as well all of these are modifiable and then there’s you know location will damage combat techniques you can change all this stuff you know I don’t really know what effect that would do you have to play around with it and figure it out but there’s also all kinds of cool things in your like AI goals there’s a diplomat mission.

Law enforcer patrol hometown some of these things aren’t like raised villages some of these things aren’t even in the game or you know they’re waiting to be implemented vendor lists AI goals yeah we just looked at that and then you can see research so if you want to change the research levels you know if you want to make something easy to research I just go in here to something like wells and change the time down to like one and that’ll make it really easy you can even change the level to one if you want so that everything appears at level one and you can just go in here and change all that and so lastly the thing we’re going to look at is games start off now you can only have 20 characters in the game but if you want to modify a new game and start off with more characters you can do that you can’t change how many characters you you can’t change more than 20 in an existing game but you can start off with more so you want to modify something like these survivors games start or the freedom seekers game start but you can come in here and you’ll see that old soldier there’s one you start off with four settlers and one wander so you could change this to 40 settlers you know like five soldiers you know ten Wanderers if you wanted whatever whatever you want leave wanderer up here this is your character so you’re just going to leave that at zero because you get to create your character at the beginning of the game start but this will allow you to have.

More than 20 characters and you’ll start off with that mini now just keep in mind that the game only allows 20 characters so you cannot select more any more than 20 of via the portraits so you have to use the game it window itself or the map to select your units you’ll be able to select 1 through 20 via the portraits but then after that you know the character portraits kind of go beyond the screen so you can’t really see them and you can’t scroll down so that’s one thing to note there but that’s all you would do just change those few things one other thing you could do with a game start is add in what town you start at so if you want to start at Catan you could just put a 1 next to it and it kind of tells you what it does down at the bottom starting location random if left blank so if you leave that at 0 it’s going to be random if you put 1 you’re going to start off in Catan so that’s pretty cool.

One other thing you could do is add faction relations so if you want to be you know you want to be let’s see friends with United cities we put that at 100 you know if we want to be at war with imperial Lords you know you put that at negative 100 so again you could start that off that way if you want and you can also change how much money you start off with so you can start off with 100,000 that way you don’t really have to do much selling and you could just focus on some of the fun or finer points of the game so that’s it we just click X and then we hit save and you’re done ok well there’s one other thing you have to do so we’re going to minimize this and we’re going to go into the data folder within the kinshi folder ok and within here you’re going to see there’s test mod that’s the file that we just saved but what we need to do is tell the game to load the mod when it starts and to do that we do.

By opening mods that CFG so I’m going to right-click go to open if you if Windows doesn’t know what to open the file with I’d select a program to open it with here and just uncheck this box this is always use a selected program to open this kind of file if you’re not really sure what you want to always open that file with all the time so for right now just uncheck it and then we’re going to just use notepad if you don’t see notepad under recommended programs click this little arrow and then you can find it here or click browse notepad is in your C windows system32 I believe folder notepad there it is right there so you can find it if you if it doesn’t appear in the list so we’re going to use notepad open this file and you can see here James that mod is right there so if you know you’re just going to want to put in test that mod and then save the gate save the file.

I’m not going to save it because I have my mod that I’m using currently so that’s all you need to do that will tell kin cheats load the mod and all the changes once Kanchi loads so if you’ve changed characters around you know you can just load your previous save and those changes will take effect if you modified one of the game starts you have to start a new game for those things to take effect ok.

So yeah that’s just a little overview of kimchi and modding the game there’s a lot of other things on the forums if you want to check that out and if you find anything interesting that you want to share definitely post in the comments below you know there’s a lot of smart people out there I’m sure you could figure out you know you can go beyond the basics and figure out some other things maybe figure out I’ll put walls back in the game I don’t know but yeah I definitely click the like button subscribe and stay tuned for more kimchi videos take care.

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