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Автор: Tobel Plays

Description of the video guide «How to do import save in Kenshi»

A short guide on how to import a saved game to a new start, allowing you to bring along your existing squad, money, research and buildings but enjoy a fresh database.

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas.

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Hello and welcome to another tutorial video my name is Toby and I’m going to be covering a kenchi tutorial for how to import your game importing your game is very important when you have patch changes or if your game just starts to become a little buggy or you’re interested in doing a fresh start so I’ll show you these different ideas when I click on the game what it does is it looks at your saved game list so I’ve got a couple of saved games here I’m going to pick this example save and you’ll see that I’ve got 75,000 cats I have 25 faction members it’s ninety two days into the game and I’m hanging out in Okrand pride which is the Green Valley area and the holy nation territory you have a couple different options when you’re importing your game at the base level what this is going to do is bring all of your characters and everything they have with them with you to the previously saved location on this area you can choose to change a couple of modifiers you can bring your buildings with you you can bring the existing research tree that you’ve already unlocked you also can bring dead NPCs if you want and you can bring your current faction relations so if you have a problem where your save is just the game is lagging up because you’ve got too many dead bodies or you have too many buildings that you just don’t want to deal with but you want you’ve kind of loaded your characters up with a bunch of gear you can choose to uncheck dead NPCs and uncheck import buildings and what the game will do is will then load you into a brand new game with all of those characters basically a clean map with only importing your characters your research and your existing faction relations you also can use the reset squad positions button and what that does is it brings everybody together in a random spot towards the center of the map which happens to be roughly just south of the holy nation territory you also can choose the Advanced Options much like you could when you do a starting of a new game so if perhaps that you thought that the Hunger time was just you always wind up having to eat and you want to change that well you could change those settings here so maybe you wanted to speed up your production in your research maybe make the game a bit tougher and add extra nests and a higher chance of death you can make all these modifications here and then import your game it’s going to do take a little bit of time but really it’s gonna be a fresh start with your existing characters that that makes sense I’m also going to show you as it loads through I mean let’s talk through the loading screen here there’s another option if your characters are just stuck so if you don’t want to go through the trouble of reloading everything there’s a nice way to load your game if your characters are either stuck on a building or they’re misplaced so as you can see here because all of my characters I chose the option to import them and move them my characters are all in the same area I apologize for any map spoilers here but I wanted to show you where they’re at in relation to the oak run territory.

So there’s blister Hill this is that nice green valley and we’ve reset our characters to here however I still have my existing tech tree this looks a little bit strange because I’ve only just done a couple tech trees to using this as an example for building your base there’s only a couple things unlocked but it does import your tech tree and most importantly it brings everything along with you so if you’ve loaded your characters up for bear then sure enough you’ve got all of your goodies here the other neat little thing I was talking about is if your characters are stuck and you don’t want to have to go through that import option and the import option by the way you can only do it from the main screen you have to if you’ve already loaded into the game you have to save your game exit the game relaunch it and then you’ll see that import game button but if your characters just happen to get stuck you can load you know save the game first obviously so let’s do a quick save and you can load game reset Squad positions and then load your game this will force everyone into the same spot that I’m at right now it’s not gonna look any different because I didn’t move anybody but it does reset them in position so I hope those tips were useful for you it’s just a quick little video and it’s a neat little feature I’d do it normally when we have a large patch that drops with a lot more information now of course we are at the 1.0 release so I don’t know how many more patches are coming but I tend to use it when I make game changes like I change any mods in the game or I get a new patch version or if my game is just starting to get a bit buggy so I hope that was useful for you the next video coming up is going to be how to scout out a new base location and then how to start building your base I hope you continue to join me for this kenchi tutorial series if you have any comments please add them below otherwise thank you so much for watching.

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