Как правильно создать базу, чтобы было удобно обороняться (отражать рейды) в Kenshi - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Автор: BLUF Gaming

Description of the video guide «How to create a base so that it is convenient to defend (reflect raids) in Kenshi»

A quick Kenshi tutorial showing how to design your main base defenses followed by more detail and demonstration of wall design, gate defense, and mounted crossbows.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Bluff gaming here with a defensive base design video for the game kimchi obviously you want to surround your base with walls but skip the makeshift walls can go straight to defensive walls to these walls let you post guards on them who can man mounted crossbows to fire your enemies only build one gate entering your base so you know where attacks will be then make sure that you have two long straight opposing walls forming a funnel toward the gate so you can have multiple mounted crossbows able to fire your enemies even while they’re bashing away at your gate for an extra level of defense you can also have workers posted at the gate repairing the damage as they attempt to break it or if you’d like they can be firing weapons through the gate as well these workers however should be expected to enter melee combat once the gaze breached that’s your bottom line up front stick around if you’d like to see all this explained in a lot more detail thanks for sticking around it has been awhile since I last made any kimchi videos I stopped because the game was getting very close to a full release and they were making frequent changes to the game and I want to make sure my videos have a longer shelf life now that kimchi is out of early access I’m back in game and ready to make some videos on several basic topics I didn’t cover in the past as you saw in the intro this video mainly covers wall and turret layout but now I want to go through it from the ground up and discuss it in a bit more depth I started this playthrough at the hub and decided to have my initial base centrally located on the world map I travelled a bit east where the borderlands and shim zones meet.

Unfortunately this area is taxed by the united cities but i settled very close to a nearby white station so i have a place to buy and sell goods or run for help in case things get really bad there’s a lot of traffic in the area mainly from starving bandits and dust bandits also both the band of bones and dust Bennett’s to regular raids here not to mention the sporadic attack from the Black Dragon ninjas the only silver lining is that there doesn’t seem to be any aggressive wildlife here all that being said I’m going to need some solid base defenses if I want to survive on my own and not run like a baby to get help from the nearby weigh station full of tech hunters the first step to protecting your base will be surrounding it with walls.

I recommend skipping the makeshift walls in research defensive walls which gives you access to the much better defensive wall to not only your defensive walls stronger than makeshift walls but they can also be walked upon and have crossbows mounted to them you can see how thin the makeshift walls are whenever I select them for placement but we’re going with the regular walls like I said because they are thicker and give you room to walk on top and mount crossbows let’s start by building our walls around the base being careful to ensure that the small blue arrows are pointing out from our base and before I place the first wall I’m going to briefly circle around the area I plan to wall in and watch to see if the wall turns red now way I can make sure I haven’t chosen a spot that can’t have a wall built across it rather than lay out the entire wall all at once I’m going to do it section at a time hopefully my first sections will block some of the common pad is that roaming bandits take and hopefully this will keep them out of aggro range whenever they walk by once you’ve clicked to place the first section of wall he’ll let you drag to the left from where you started so even though I’ll be building my wall in a counterclockwise fashion I have to draw each section clockwise what’s the first section is done I can start on the right side and draw the walk out or clockwise you don’t actually need to encircle an area all that large to include all the buildings and workshops you need in Kanchi however I have settled near a place that has both iron and copper deposits and I want to make sure both of them are inside the walls so I can safely gather materials without worrying about wildlife or roaming squad.

Sometimes finding the perfect path that doesn’t have any red sections the wall can be difficult and also the walls sometimes dip low enough in the terrain that enemies can walk over them but we do have a couple of methods we can use to fix these issues if they are a problem.

Hugh here is finishing up the last section of wall that I have planned out already and once he’s done here all we’ll have left to do is the entrance as you can see I’ve drawn pretty far out and now I’m curving back in towards the center and you want to make a long straight piece of wall here so that you can create a bit of a channel or a funnel for your enemies to come through when they’re approaching the gate next you want to build the best defensive gate that you can and for me that’s the defensive gate — and then you’ll build another section of wall to mirror the one across from it a long straight wall forming a cone or a channel leading towards the front gate if you live in a very hilly area like this after you’ve finished your walls and gate you want to go around the walls and check for any low points to enemies or wildlife can walk directly over just try to command one of your people to walk across the wall if they try to take the long way around you should be fine if you find a low point that can be crossed like the one I found here you have a couple of options you can often plug the hole of a large building but if the terrain prevents that you can build a big clump of ugly walls like I have here and that should also do the trick you’ll want to build several ramps leading up to your walls around the base I like to have a couple close to the gate so my workers can quickly respond to a threat but if you’re going to have permanent wall guards you may want to only have ramps farther away to delay any enemies from reaching your bowmen once you’ve researched mounted crossbows it’s time to armed your base against attacking this is where our entrance design starts to make more sense if you have a circular wall around your base you can place crossbows facing every direction but it’s hard if not impossible for the bows to aim at enemies actively attacking your gate you can place mounted crossbows on these blue dots but not on this scrunched up area over here that’s why we wanted to build straight long walls leading directly toward the gate once the walls start to curve you start to lose out on opportunities to get these blue dots as you can see on this side my wall is much traitor and I have more blue dots on which I can place the amount of crossbows I’m gonna start with just three on each side since I don’t have many people to begin with but as time goes on I can add more on this in I’ve built a mark to training turret to help build my skill the mark ii allows people to train their turret skill up to level 20 but you can get a more advanced training turret later in the game it works like a workbench so you can assign training to a worker as if it were any other job this allows them to build their skill whenever they have extra time although you may want to build multiple training turrets if you have many workers in need of training I have a few more workers now and abandoned rate heading my way two of them I check and a guru are stationed by the gate while the rest will operate the amount of crossbows these bandits have been demanding too much of us and it’s time we took a stand as usual the bandits will stop outside of our gates and start to yell at us until we either come out and respond or if we ignore them long enough they’ll attack I’m going to select all of my crossbow men and tell them to start shooting at the leader to shut them up and of course it’s going to trigger the rest of them to attack but that’s okay I have to check at the gate which once the gate breaks will defend a hand hand however while they’re trying to break the gate down they’ll be told to repair the gates to slow them down a bit giving our crossbow men more chances to shoot them first.

Even if the bandits break through the gate this has already been a good success we’ve been able to get far more shots on these bandits than we would have if we just had a normal round wall so we’re already at an advantage convinced that design because our enemies are going to be weaker we got them down to three bandits by the time they were able to break the gate but because the bandits hesitated and we had the two sheykh repairing the gate we were able to close it once more delaying them a bit further and by the time they get it up again we’ve shot them down to just one bandit unfortunately for that bandit however my guru toenail was waiting for him and kicked him back into the air Oh fire one last time before he gasped his last bandit breath you need to be careful about firing these whenever you have friendly troops nearby because you can have friendly fire this is governed by the skill precision shooting and over time this will be less of an issue also adding lights near will you’ll be shooting can help a lot however as you upgrade your mounted crossbows you will eventually have some that have lights built into them as your workers get more proficient with the mounted crossbows and as you do more research and are able to upgrade these amount of crossbows to do more damage and be more accurate you’ll be able to defend your base against progressively stronger enemies of course adding more crossbows helps even more and eventually you should be able to get your defenses strong enough to withstand raids from the United cities more holy nation freeing you from having to pay taxes I hope this has been helpful for you it’s been a long time since I posted a kinshi video and I plan to post more as I find new topics to cover I’ve decided to dip my toe into the waters of streaming a bit and you can find a link to my twitch in the description along with a link to a subreddit where I’m posting all my videos feel free to stop by in either place and say hello this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you to smash all the buttons and buy all my merch but I don’t have any merch so I guess the buttons will have to do for now if you crunch that dislike button though I’ll hire the infamous hacker zero cool too filtrate your hard drive and mod your game so the bug master is outside your gates every time you start thanks for watching bottom line up front and I’ll see you next time.

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