Как организовать автоматизированный процесс любого промысла в Kenshi - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Автор: Terminarch

Description of the video guide «How to organize an automated process of any fishing in Kenshi»

Kenshi is a one-of-a-kind open world sandbox RPG. Here we discuss automation and basic production.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Well hello everyone we’ll be going over automation today starting with the basics and moving on to some priority examples and finally finishing up with an automated farm near the every task can be automated by holding shift when you give the order as shown here manual orders such as movements or attacking that bug up there will override the jobs list until that task is complete and jobs higher in the task list have a higher priority jobs are largely self-contained if a machine is tuefel to operate its worker will try to find somewhere to put those materials whether that be storage or another machine they can use it as input just remember that your character can only carry so much at a time large items such as weeds or construction materials benefit greatly from backpacks similarly machines will draw inputs from dedicated material chests and the outputs of other machines and here we demonstrate priority he’s actively operating the stone processor however because engineer is hiring the list that has priority so as soon as an engineering job is available he will do that first before resuming his processing related jobs can easily be chained together to create a one-man assembly line likewise and non-critical characters such as a crafter is a great choice for other temporary jobs such as skinning animals or disposing of bodies and finally we have a basic farm setup you can follow along with my characters brain but watching that pointer on the side remember.

The jobs list reads from top to bottom and I will put a note at the top of the screen explaining why my character changes jobs I would recommend watching the segment twice the second time muted as I will be narrating some of the more finicky parts the automation process which could distract from the general theory on the side for instance even though when you shift click an automated building it will add two jobs as shown here operating and hauling to only the hauling to job is necessary I put wheat farm at the top because it is the limiting factor in production the next harvester will not start to grow until the previous one is cleared out I put bread oven next because it operates a little worker allowing me to make progress while focusing on other things some hauling jobs such as water normally be ignored until the input fully drains however if the characters already on the hauling job.

Finish it off and when my character decided pick up water before he picked up five units but could only place one leaving his backpack falling because of this he could only carry one we stir at a time causing that zigzag at the end and finally I put well at the bottom because as a large storage and takes a long time well hopefully the cover all the bases if you have any further questions be sure to check out the Kenzi discord in the description or my comment section Cheers.

Mister Minako.


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