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Description of the video guide «How to start building a base in Kenshi and what you need to know»

A few different strategies regarding how to build your first base. You don’t always have to find a spot in the middle of nowhere to build up; you can conduct your research safely within a faction city.

This is a bit of a long tutorial.

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in.

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Hello and welcome to another kenchi tutorial video my name is Tobal and we’re going to be discussing base building today so there’s a few different strategies and tips when you’re starting out building your base in the game I’m going to give you just a few different methods and that way you can decide for yourself based on your game play and your current situation what’s going to work best for you the first strategy I’m going to discuss is how to set up a not even a research outpost so much as a small research bench inside of an existing city this gives you a couple different things one is you have protection from roaming enemies if you happen to trigger a raid on your quote-unquote base then the city will defend you once the aggression starts and this is because you’re actually renting space inside of the city and using it to house your research items so I’ll show you what I mean here I’m inside the city of stack this is a holy nation city what I’m going to do is look for a building for rent or look for a building for rent that’s kind of destroyed here so let’s take a look what you can do is click on a few of these different shacks and you’ll notice so if I click on this Shack right here this Shack is for sale for 4000 cats I think there’s a couple other ones in the base sometimes you can actually find big buildings that are for sale so right here actually we have a old house old storm house that’s for sale as well for 16,000 cats this is big enough that you could fit in a second-level research bench and I believe you’re able to use the power of the city so the the actual power in the city itself to power your research but we can explore that what I normally do is I start off with either a ruined Shack like this because it’s cheaper or a completed Shack so let’s go ahead and buy out this Shack over here so I’m gonna click on the shack button and then do for sale and I’m gonna buy it and obviously I have enough money here to cover that expense so I have purchased this Shack what I’m going to do now is bring over a couple of animals that happen to have a good amount of resources in them get out of here you guys you guys just like squatting in my Shack okay well they left it clean at least so there’s nothing inside so I’m going to.

With my Shack go into the build menu and go to tech you’ll see that the only thing available when you first start the game is a small research bench however it does fit inside of your Shack I’m using the left and right rather comma and period or less than and greater than symbols to rotate this building so I’m gonna put this right up here against the wall click it once to place the kind of the footprint of the building and then I’m going to click confirm so you’ll see that the building has turned to a wire mesh if we click on the building or rather the item inside the building we’ll see that it’s requiring us to give three building materials for its construction so I’m gonna have Tobal here right click and hold on our bull and go to trade because bull is fully loaded down with a bunch of building materials that I’ve previously purchased this is actually from a previous playthrough of mine where I had a very nicely built up base and I was in the in the middle of relocating so Tobal now has those building materials in his inventory what I can do is either right-click to have him just start building this or I can make him a full-time engineer by holding down shift and right clicking on the anything with a wire mesh this gives the job of engineer to that character this means that whatever this character isn’t doing anything they’re always going to try to build and you’ll see a couple other characters are running up here as well because they actually have the engineer job as well these are my primary engineers on my game so they’re gonna finish building this small research bench the small research bench is a great way to get started with your game because it gives you just enough technologies you can start to unlock other basic items that you’ll need when you start your main base so let’s pull up the tech tree here our research bench is done we’ll open the tech tree and these are the first couple of things you can build or rather you can research things in red require something so if you see down here any of these items so if I hover over tech level 2 this says it requires a couple things it’s going to have to have 6 books and by that it means you have to have 6 inside of the research bench in order to even unlock this technology to start researching it also requires you to know how to make a small house so if we look up under small house we see that the small house requires 2 books ok however these other items are completely it looks like unlocked and ready for us to start researching so right now if we go to our build menu we have a couple of technologies already researched we do have the ability to make a small Shack however we can’t build freely inside of a city we can only build outside of the area pretty far out actually see how that turn green there that means that’s outside of the safe area or the restricted area of a city so we know how to build a small Shack some things that are for camping a basic vegetable farm and well some lights a stone mind and stone processor and then another small research bench the stone mine and small processor are very important because this lets you mine your own stone your raw stone and then turn it into building materials building materials are what’s required for most large structures in your base so for example this small Shack requires five building materials however to even place down the stone miner stone processor you need iron plates so one of the best ways to start your building start your research in your buildings is to go to the tech tree go under industry I’ll find it eventually and see iron plates iron plates require at least one book and it will unlock the manual building refinery so what you can do is manually mine an iron resource drop that iron resource off in a box and then somebody else might pick that up and put it into the manual iron refinery as you can see it requires one book so we’ll have Tobal head over to one of the traders in the town to see if they have any books available.

I have not scouted this town out ahead of time so we may have to skip ahead to find someone who has a book I’m gonna press alt’ a couple times to flash the building signs so I can look for okay here we go I want normally this trader here or I don’t see the other trader that I like normally it’s got a different symbol on it and they’re the ones who it’s kind of the same thing it’s basically just building materials or building wares oh it’s this one here so it’s either this building normally or this type of building or store that have the materials with that have books basically that you can use for research so right here is what I want I want to use this book here this says it’s a research artifact it’s going to cost 300 cats so we’ll buy a couple of these books so I bought out his inventory of books and I’m gonna come back to my research bench and drop them off inside the research dimension I’ll show you how to unlock some of those advanced items and the tech tree so I’m going to hold right click and go to inventory and I’m going to shift right click to drop all of that stack inside the research bench so these are all inside the research bench now so if we go back to the tech tree suddenly you see that iron plates is now marked as it’s basically no longer read it’s no longer disabled because we have books and the inventory so if I click on the small research bed bench at the same time you’ll see that when I click iron plates one of those books goes away because we’ve used one of those books to start the research for that item I also want to be able to store my raw material so I’m gonna start the research for ore and I’m also gonna start the research for storage boxes these are just basic storing storage materials for stones and for building materials okay the other thing I wanted to do was research how to make a bigger house so if you remember we needed at least two books for the stone house I’ve clicked on that and I have unlocked the stone a small house research because I’ve used two books up now nothing’s happening so no one is currently set to research so what you need to do is actually assign someone to work on this bench you see how this is 0 of 1 it needs to have at least.

Researcher for this bench Jackson is one of my high-level Rize science folks here so I’m going to shift right click on the small research bench and you’ll see that he has a new job here which is small research bench so whatever he’s not doing engineering he’s going to be trying to research things and as you can see you’ll see a progress bar start to progress over your top-level item you can click and drag the items in your research queue to if you like want to use you know work on small houses first you could put that towards the front of your list so this is the first tip and I normally recommend this because it’s safest to start with and in reality when you build out in the world you won’t have it you won’t have the ability to manually make your own iron plates without that first level of iron plate research or the oh yeah the first level of iron plates so what I normally do is use these cities to just do some research while the rest of my squad is out getting leveled up okay so this is that’s just my preference it could be if you just want to jump out there and make your base in all of its glory we’ll definitely cover that here coming up but this is just one option it’s a nice safe way to get everything going on you also can research the ability to have a storage locker and basically store its chests it looks like everyone has triggered on a fight here it’s coming to visit.

Looks like we’ve got some hungry bandits so we’ll let them fight it out but you can’t in fact put down a chest or some storage boxes inside of this building that you’ve rented or you purchased inside the city and you could use that as your temporary storage location so if you go out in the world and you get a bunch of loot you can come back and drop that loot off in the boxes and it’ll always be there for you so that’s one other reason to buy a random house inside of a city and in fact since they’ve added the ability to make larger houses you might even try to upgrade from a small Shack to a larger level building like this old storm house to continue your research and safety because eventually you’ll need to for the next level of research you’ll have a bigger sized research bench the second strategy I’m going to talk about is building a very small outpost in close proximity to an existing faction city so in this example I’m just down the street from stack and I’ve looked at this area and I’ve decided that you know what I want to start kind of like a little outpost maybe a small Road stop in the area right where maybe I can sell a couple items do my research and still be out of the way of the city and so therefore I kind of feel like I have my own faction base but it’s so close enough that I get over if I get overwhelmed with bandits or other roving Raiders I can just run away down the street so I’m going to use someone to prospect in this area and see that I’ve got decent water good fertility good stone right on the spot and there are a couple of iron and copper resources close by so I can see right here this is a copper resource and this is an iron resource so this is another example of a way to just get started in the game if you don’t like the idea of building inside of a city so we’ll go ahead and take one of our buildings we’ve unlocked the small Shack I’ll place that down and actually let’s go ahead and show you another method if you place down a footprint and you don’t like the way it looks you can left-click it to pick it up again you have all these options here on the right side it does tell you which commands you can use to rotate the building or even change the heights you can actually make the building sink into the ground or kind of sit above the building or above the ground as well so I’m gonna rotate the building just a bit make it look a little nicer and confirm so no one has building materials except for Tobal he only has a couple I think just one on him and this is gonna need five so I happen to have a bowl that I use that will have all the materials on it that I need so we’ll have total trade with him real quick to get those items and he’ll go back to adding the materials I know it looks like he’s milking the cow but he’s quite literally adding the materials to the building and they’ll continue to build that shack up so this is the same principle as we talked about inside the city itself you’re still going to put a shack in there you’re going to add a research bench but you know maybe you might also include some farms in the area just enough to get you going so for example I could drop a vegetable farm down here next door although this isn’t the right environment for vegetables in particular this is an arid environment and green fruit for green fruit to grow I believe it requires down here the green environment you can see that in the pop-up right there we’ll cover this in more detail in the third section of this video which is building your full-on main base but again I just wanted to offer you another alternative if you don’t like the idea of building in the city this is an option to build a small little outpost here and get yourself started put a research bench in just be aware that if any enemies decide to drop by like you’ll see a lot of random fights here these are two paladin’s fighting some starving guy you do have the option to run away down the street when you do start building your main base I will warn you that it might trigger some enemies to come visit right so they’ve heard that there’s a new faction in town they built this base and there’s somewhat undefended I personally enjoy having I’ve actually built up this squad over time so I went out and hired each of these individuals separately I’ve made money I’ve trained them up in decent skills they’re nothing amazing right they’re just 19 20 ish in terms of attack and defense they all have some katanas and they all have some basic I kind of made a uniform out of ninja rag so they all kind of had the same dress but they’re enough to fend off a light attack like maybe of some starving bandits they’re not however good enough to fend off some of the major raids that might happen on your compound so even all these folks together with everyone that I have I still run for the hills if I have bandits who are chasing me okay so let’s move forward onto the third suggestion the third tip for building your base the third strategy I’m going to cover is just to go ahead and start building your base where you want it in this particular example I’m actually in the fertile valley that is inside holy nation territory I love area for a start especially for new players I would highly encourage you to try this out it’s a very safe calm start it will let you get an a sense of how to build up a base how to maintain it it’ll also give you an idea of what kind of threats are sent against your city it’s still not perfectly safe you can get overwhelmed here because there are some things that occur some story events and I won’t spoil it too much I want to let you explore it on your own just realize that you always have the option to run away so in this example I have three different bases I could go to I have bad teeth blister Hill and stack that I could escape and pull all my people over to now yes that does mean that the bandits get free run of your city but it does mean that everyone stays alive and you don’t get wiped out so I went ahead and built a small Shack and a research bench at this location and if you’ve already done either of the first two strategies listed in this video then you may already have more technology that’s listed and further than I have here right so I haven’t unlocked the small house or tech level 2 just yet so I’m gonna go ahead and fast forward a bit I’m going to load up my research bench with some books and I’m going to use the bench to research a couple items that I think you’re going to need to get started okay so we’ve just unlocked the ability to make iron plates iron plates are important because a lot of the items that you’re going to be building later on require iron plates to build either they require building materials or iron plates I don’t actually have an examples of iron plates there we go so an iron refinery for example needs iron plates so you do need to at least have I think it’s 12 iron plates to get started on your base 6 for the iron refinery 6 for the stone processor you need at least 8 for the small Shack and the small research bench and then add a number 3 so 11 building materials to have I guess it’s not really everything you need but it’s enough to get you going ok so we’re at the point where we want to build the rest of our starting materials and again if you’re not familiar with the control of building and placing the buildings I did cover that in section one but I’ll go ahead and cover it again here as well so in order to build building materials we need to refine it into we need to refine it from bra stone into building materials but we first have to get raw stone so I’m gonna put a stone mine down and I’m basically looking for a nice area to drop the stone mine and I think I’m gonna do it near here my reasoning is I have an iron resource here a copper resource here and if I remember right let’s take a look at Jackson let’s move him over here real quick he’s currently busy researching but we can pull him away I’m going to use the prospect skill and find out that there is a decent amount of stone here along this peninsula iron copper there’s also high fertility and water in this area too so I’m gonna build my manufacturing Center on this the raw stuff will be here and I’ll process it over here so let’s pull up the building let’s put down the Sorum of the stone mine and it does show you how much I guess this is the efficiency of whatever you’re putting down so if we put a stone mine down here it will be a hundred percent efficient because it is on such a high quantity or quality of stone so I’m gonna put the stone mine here I’m gonna put a stone processor across the river here it will slow our folks down just a bit but I’m not too worried about that in the long run because it’s a very small little creaky to cross and I’m thinking ahead now while I don’t have any walls unlocked yet I will eventually want to add some walls so I think I’m gonna give it a space because I can imagine a wall coming down here and protecting the base so I think I’m gonna add a stone processor just a bit more inside this invisible wall right here I will give you an extra little addendum to the walls normally they aren’t even all that efficient because you have to and you’re able to have people destroy walls so easily sorry about the background noise my little dog goes getting a little awake right now and doing some shakes so you can in fact have people come and destroy your walls and your gate pretty easily in the early game so I’m gonna drop two stone processors here and I’m also gonna drop a stone refinery they look very similar so just keep that in mind.

So these are all placed in their footprint again if you don’t like how one of these are placed you can left-click on it to bring the blueprint in your hand and then you can replace it by left-clicking so I’ve added a couple other buildings here as well along with the stone processors and the iron refinery and I’ve went ahead and built some of these up just so you can take a look now these items here are storage boxes you can find these under the construction menu and once you research some storage technologies you will unlock the boxes so the boxes are useful for not making your characters run all over creation basically to get different resources so a stone storage box will allow your miners basically when they’re trying to mine stone or quarry stone once this fills up the output fills up they will try to pick up stone drop it in the stone box and then when you’re people who are processing a stone need more they’ll go ahead and run over to the box pick it all up and then bring you know bring it back to the refinery to process into building materials same thing applies here once you have a building materials box once their refineries are the output is full they’ll try to drop those building materials into the appropriate box and then later on your engineers can come over and take from the final product sort of speak like this iron plates storage area and they’ll use that to build whatever they need to build I’d show you a little bit about the engineer skill sorry the engineer job but unfortunately it’s acting a little bit bugged right now so this might be because I have an older save that is before version one came out so that my my actually my overall jobs they might not even be working properly because for some reason even though that there is iron there are iron plates here in these storage.

My characters aren’t grabbing those iron plates and even when they have iron plates in their inventory they’re not finishing up the construction job so I have to do a little micromanaging whereas normally if you just had the engineer job they would go ahead and do this automatically so I might try to import this save one time through the system just to try to clean it up a bit it’s just misbehaving a tiny tiny amount so we’ve got the initial buildings done and I think for the rest of this tutorial what I’m gonna do is kind of fast forward in progression to a couple of different stages and base development just to give you an idea of what stages you might take in order to you know get your base up and running so the first step was and honestly this doesn’t even have to be your first step we did build a small Shack and actually look at the my character isn’t even oh he’s not researching because there’s nothing to research so let’s go ahead and put item storage will put makeshift walls in here fuel generator different thing like like that okay he’s back to doing his job at least at least someone’s job is working properly and as I mentioned we are in the holy nation territory so they do have friendly patrols come by every so often now they might occasionally harass you and just you know make sure that you’re as holy as they think you should be but as long as you are fairly receptive and you answer in a respectful manner they should leave you alone so we’ve got our stone extraction we’ve got our iron resource and our copper resource up here iron and copper and the appropriate boxes so what I’m going to do is fast forward and have some of these get completed I might even try to recover my save just to see if I can get the job part working again so I’ll be back here in just a second to show you kind of the next phase that I would go through in this startup and it does look like after completing an import my engineer job is back to working again so you can see the folks here automatically running to complete anything that needs to be built so these two guys just added materials to this box and everyone else actually has the end your job so they’re all rushing to help finish the building so actually you’ll see them run over probably here and Tobal since he has I check his inventory you see that he has iron plates on him he’ll try to put those iron plates into the box and everyone else as soon as those materials are added we’ll come running over to complete it so that was just our looks like our game being a little bit bugged from the save so again doing an import on your game can fix a lot of weird bugs I’m actually gonna take the engineer out of Jackson so he can stay here working on the research so I’ll go ahead and fast-forward again like I promised and we’ll be all set to go all right so we’ve completed some of our storage objectives and the next thing I’m going to put down is my farm am I going to start off with the vegetable farm so this is the already unlocked food resource that starts when you first start the game this is what’s already unlocked vegetables small through large and well the difference between these items here is number one the materials cost upfront but it also produces a higher yield so the large vegetable farm will produce more than the medium which is producing more than the small so the best idea normally is to start out with just the small green food excuse me small vegetable farm which requires 10 green fruit and you can pick these up from a city or you can pick them up from I’m going to press em real quick one of the small holy farms in the area they sometimes can sell vegetables as well I’m also going to drop this well down and I’m gonna hit confirm so there is a one or two people who do have I think it’s Finn it’s been one of them Finn has green fruit on him and maybe Inu does too nope because building materials so they’re adding stuff to the well but Finn is actually going to come add these green fruit to the vegetable farm project and everyone else is gonna come rush over because they’re so eager to help out so I have my squads separated into a couple different manners.

A couple different versions I have my I call them the unworthy my entire faction basically is on this idea of being redeemed or the unredeemed so the unworthy are all of my fighters right there roughly oh they’re okay there’s nothing to write home about they’ve got a a ver attack in defense but these are my protectors this is what guards the base when everything else is going on for the most part I keep them on the engineer task and I do occasionally give them grunt work because it helps out with some other stats so let’s do a thing here I’m gonna click clear out some of these jobs because I’ve been messing around with the job functionality so I’m actually just kind of clicking quickly I’m gonna leave doc with the medic cuz doc this actual character I named doc she does have very high field medic skill I think she’s got all of our field medic items so she is our actual doc although she can’t fight a little bit if need be so I’m going to have a couple of these guys start being our raw producers so if we click on the stone mine you see here that it says zero out of three this means we can have three people working this mine so I’m gonna select Gustavo paste and lift by shift clicking I’m gonna shift right click on this mine and you’ll see that all three of these guys now have the operating machine stone mine job so these three guys are going to start running over to get to the mine there’s another important job you need to add though if you want this to function smoothly when this stone mine fills up the output will fill up these guys won’t know what to do so what you want to give them as a second job too right if you shift right click on this box now this box is the raw stone and so if we shift right click on it we now see a Holling two storage stones job so what happens here is that these guys will start to mine out the stone when the output gets full they can no longer do step one so they’ll all default to step two and they’ll all clear out all of the output by dumping it into here so this creates a nice smooth chain of you know extracting the resource and storing it into the bin I’m gonna take it to the next couple of guys here let’s click on the copper.

It could take one person so we’ll take Griffin we’re going to make him work on the copper resource now which one of these is copper storage okay it’s the far one so I’m gonna shift right-click on the far box to give him the hauling to storage copper job let’s check out this iron resource it can take three people so flash box bard and ice you’re all going to might iron and bring the iron to the storage or box it’s just as or but that’s actually for the iron ore okay so we’ve got our raw materials in progress these guys are starting to pull up raw stone now what we want to do is we want to turn raw stone into useable building materials so I’m going to go to my laborers tab and these are the folks that I have that really aren’t too high on experiencing combat but they are pretty decent at building the sorry doing general labor so I’m gonna select one of these folks and I’m going to shift right click on the stone actually I’m sorry I’ve got a bunch of jobs queued up here I’m gonna clean these off first because this actually is one of my old saves so a lot of these folks have their jobs from a previous save now before I do that I should look one of these are a couple of these folks probably have better skills in certain areas than others so for example if we look for a laboring this person yon has 40 laboring and 40 farming so I’m gonna check the rest of them 57 laboring 59 alright so zilla’s a farmer as it looks like they’re the only farmer along with Eon so I’m gonna take Zil you notice how farming is at 60 here and this is a character that I’ve just had doing stuff for a long time they’re also really high speed at turrets because I’ve had them training on turrets so I’m gonna shift right-click our farm to tells ill I want you to work the vegetable farm in order to work the vegetable farm you have to have water so I’m also going to give Zil a second job to work the well so since he can’t work the farm because there’s no water he’s going to start working this well and the same thing there’s always a progress bar so when this progress bar fills up he’s going to have one water unit that he’s then going to pick.

And take to the farm to start working that basically planting the materials so we’ve established that zilla’s our farmer I’m actually gonna move him all out of the squat and back into the squad to put him last in the order so I don’t confuse him with others and since we don’t really have more than one farm right now I won’t also use Eon even though he has decent farming one farm or to even like up to three or four farms is more than enough for one character to manage so Eon let’s take a look here at the stone processor it can work three people at once so Eon ice and a toe I’m going to right-click shift right click on the manual stone processor and you can see right now they’re doing a couple things there’s no stone in this stone checkbox yet because the output here has not been filled up so Eon is starting to in order to run the processor he needs raw stone so he’s going to the only place where there is raw stone which is currently in the mine however it looks like the output might be bout ready to fill up so these guys might grab all this stone and move it over let’s see what happens okay no it can take I think maybe you can take up to nine units of stone in the output before it gets full so Eon and this is why I give my laborers backpacks I like to give them traders backpack so they can pick up the raw resources and a nice big stack and work with them.

Alright so Eon is bringing the big stack of raw stone over to the stone processor he’s placed the stone inside the processor and now he’s starting to process it through now I swear dice ko ice and a toe should be coming along to help out Isis probably has an old order to go ahead and pick up the stone while a toe is going directly to the processor I honestly have no idea where ice is going he’s off on his own world it’s his operating machine but he’s really confused that’s funny he might tag the mine and then run over here anyways okay so we’ve got that part right.

Our stone is starting to process and we need to give these guys that last order to bring the storage bring the building materials to the storage bin once they’re done alright so the next thing I to do is start my iron processing same general idea we’ve got a couple folks working on extracting iron so let’s take a look at the iron refinery they need three people there we’re gonna grab paste.

Takao and fin and shift right click and then I’m gonna shift right click on the iron plates thing here basically same thing they’re going to go try to find raw iron and then they’re going to put it into the refinery now this iron mine might be outside of the range that they can normally work at although it looks like maybe ice just came and dropped off he sure did he dropped off we’re all iron in the box because it was full up here and paste went ahead he grabbed it from the box to put into the refinery so the other two folks that are assigned to this is are gonna come help him and once this box once this output fills up they’ll put them in storage ok so that’s a pretty basic idea of how storage boxes work and how you can assign people to jobs automatically we’ll come back here to take a look at our farm it looks like we’ve got enough water on the farm right now is it growing let’s take a look here the growth rate is a hundred percent it is growing so you can see here that there are twenty plants that are trying to grow and they’re at five percent of their harvest time so at a hundred percent our guys here will start to try to harvest all of the resource again we’ll need somewhere to put all that resource but that’s part of the fun of figuring out the game I’ll leave it to you to figure out which resources are rich text and research you need to unlock in order to drop off your vegetable farm but the entire rest of the game functions on that similar idea you normally have some kind of resource that’s needed by something else to make a final product so we’ve currently have our farm set up and our processing set up this is the basis of starting your own base we are unlocking or maybe we have already unlocked walls not quite yet where our wall is that my friend let’s look at defense makeshift walls let’s unlock those and have Jackson start working towards unlocking and researching the wall technology now show you how walls look in the game this building actually if we think about that invisible line would actually be in the way but we can curve the wall around and ignore it.

So we’ve unlocked makeshift walls let’s take a look at the walls they’re gonna be under walls here and you see a defensive wall in the defensive gate the wall starts out in this weird kind of greenish blueprint footprint thing and I can see a problem already as that bull is in the way so I’m gonna move bull Odin and rusty off to the side and go back into construction mode so the way you place walls is you click at the starting point and then you click at the ending point I’m not holding the mouse button down now keep in mind that it does show you which direction is facing the enemies so it’s dragging left away from my start point puts the blue towards the outside meaning if I try to start over here I want to be dragging upwards in order for those blue arrows to face the outside the blue is the direction towards your enemy so it’s a little hard to measure sometimes you kind of have to eyeball it and there’s no grid system yet and Norah’s are there snapping like kind of snap to a certain angle so let’s go ahead and drag this all the way over now if you see a problem here if we built this wall let’s just say we bring it all the way back for fun all the way around here and I’m just left clicking one time at each corner to make a connection finally here I could right-click so this is the rough suggestion if I were to confirm this I would be able to make waltz all around this base I think they used one building material each yeah the problem is we don’t have a gate so I’m gonna hit escape to cancel that entire order and then I’m gonna go back into my build menu and I’m gonna start with the defensive gate I like to basically put the gate down first and make the walls off of that so I’m gonna use my greater than and less than symbols comma and period to get a gate on line the direction I want now I might have put everything a bit too tight now I think we’ve got it right here so this gate and I placed it with left click and I right clicked to take basically it would let you chain the.

In a row so I’m gonna instead of doing that I’m right-clicking so this is the footprint of our suggested gait this is going to let our people come in and out of the base so our people on the outside can still drop their materials off without having to go through the gate while the people on the inside do you have to go through the gate to get to the raw materials let’s click on defensive wall now an interesting thing here is since there’s only one direction it can start from the Blues will always be facing a certain direction because that’s how the gatehouse is oriented the gatehouse is facing outward with the where the enemies will be coming from so the wall section will snap to that spot as well okay this is more like it let’s go ahead and pull our gate down to close to other building notes sometimes it doesn’t like being built close to other things I don’t know if that’s because of the and sometimes you can get around it by just trying to build the wall again or you might have to trash the entire thing see for some reason that in particular let us get through that message we go back into build mode here just for sake of yeah just being easy here I’m gonna put the gate on this side just a little farther down a little bit more area to run through shouldn’t be a big deal for our people okay that let me put this type of wall this wall down loop the wall back around now this is not how I’d really layout my base but just to give you an example of how the walls can kind of slide around now the hard part is if you’ve built half a section of wall and then you want to keep going down that line it’s kind of hard to line up and make sure it’s perfectly straight there’s no shift clicking holding to snap it to a straight angle off of the previous section so you kind of have to eyeball it now here’s what happens when you try to cross the river now personally I’m not a fan of this because to me it just looks ugly as all get-out however if you don’t care about that then by all means you could include you could expand this wall to go all the way out and include these raw material areas and that way you wouldn’t even have to put a gate over here you could put your gate over here somewhere and not be an issue so I’ll try to complete this wall we won’t confirm it I just want to show you some different options so we’re going around our building and then it’s connecting back with that wall so this is the suggested blueprint this is kind of like the footprint of what we’re building.

If I hit confirm all of this will turn to that kind of in between in construction look with all the wires on it so I’m gonna hit cancel and we’re gonna try a different method what if we wanted to include all of this construction or sorry all of this or gathering inside our zone so I got to start with the correct angle let’s try this again yeah this is enemy’s out right okay this is part of why I don’t like it I’m not a fan of how goofy it looks but it does work right so that’s what’s important sometimes oh it kind of doesn’t like this steep hill here I want to right-click a bit try to cancel some of these individual wall sections see if I can’t make this wall go down the hill smoothly there is a spot right there okay perfect okay so with this we’ve actually managed to completely include all of the raw material extraction area inside the walls so we wouldn’t have to build a gate on this section we could just put a gate and I could have done a gate over here facing this way or facing the bridge or whatever you wanted and not had to worry about this raw materials now this is nice because you don’t have to worry about River raptors you could keep your gates closed at all times and only open your gate when you wanted to make your people leave to do trading or to go hunting or something like that I do think though if River Raptors do want to get into your base they may attack your gate however you can research crossbows and sorry I think they’re actually turrets you can’t research turrets to defend your base let’s take a look at those real quick under defense yeah crossbow mounted crossbows as the research does cost for books and so it does have a bit of a cost to it but they are pretty useful although you may want to practice.

And train your folks up there are some great mods out there that do help your your squad members train up abilities over time and one of them is basically a dummy turret no if we had that on this one.

I think it’s under interior and since I don’t see interior I may not have researched yet tech training turret training ok so we do have this book here sorry this training option so this would train our does it tell us what it would actually train them up to it doesn’t really so it’s going to train up your your squad mates or your squad and members to a certain point so turret training one is only useful until I don’t know maybe 10 turret skill maybe five and then turret training to would unlock a better turret a better training turret and further train them up so it’s definitely worth investing in if you want to have I think turret training is probably one of the better skills to invest your training into because you’re not able to train it as easily as you can attack and defense because well you don’t really want to start randomly attacking the holy nation as they’re walking by the only thing you can really train your turrets on is the river raptors that kind of pass by so i think that’s what i wanted to include in this video basically enough to show you how to start your base how to get your farm out how to get your stone processing in your iron going the rest of this is kind of an experiment and I think with the best if you really want to see a base get built I will have a let’s play coming up in a couple more days that’s going to be starting and now it’s going to take me a while to get to the base building part but I might definitely put a kind of a highlighted video on my channel page the homepage that links over to when I start building the base itself if you want to follow along and watch kind of the thought process as to why I’m putting something here there that would be it I don’t know if I’m going to build the base here or if I’m going to go to a different location or not that just kind of depends on you know what’s going on in the playthrough and what I’m in the mood for it really you can continue to experiment with the different things that you can unlock and at this point in the game when you start to build your base you you kind of have to think about what are you going to be doing for money you can continue to send folks off to explore you just want to be careful and keep an eye on there’s actually a really neat little tidbit under faction it’ll tell you if there’s any upcoming events like an enemy raid on your town so you do want to pop this open every so often to see if anyone has raided and maybe you’ve missed the message because it does just kind of pop up and say Oh certain raiding faction or something similar is headed towards your town or something of that nature so keep an eye out for that you can start to do exports you could for example make a building supplies here and then put them on you know the backs of your laborers or maybe you might go out to one of these villages we often the distance is one of the farms right there and you might buy a bowl and you heck you can buy the bull and then you can go buy the backpack the backpack is actually a separate item and you could wind up you know pulling the bull over and then maybe you take a bunch of your vegetables and you go sell them instead so there’s a lot of ways to make money once you have your base and I think it’s more fun to experiment with that than just for me to tell you how to do it I want to let you learn the game a little bit on your own but I hope this was useful this little mini series on building a base the previous video if you did not catch it in the playlist was on how to basically find a base which is normally you you use the prospect tool in conjunction with maybe a little bit of foreknowledge and I do have a couple suggested areas but again this area here in the valley in the holy nation area is one of the safer areas to start the game in it’s definitely got a lot of that flat though and I mean just look at you know how little space this took up are kind of our mining operation this only took up a small amount of space and you can still use all of this for other buildings for I’m you can you know you can go crazy you could have a building dedicated to people to sleep a training arena a you know area where people go to practice and maybe one building for each of the if you really kind of want to roleplay it maybe each of the gets a house to do their their work in so if you have an armorsmith maybe the armorsmith gets an entire building to themselves kind of make it a little living village so it’s pretty fun that way too so if you have any questions about any of the base building steps that we’ve covered in this video please leave the leave them in the comments below if you have any suggestions on future tutorial videos also leave that below otherwise I do hope this was useful for you and as we watch the holy paladin’s get upset about agents of darkness oh this is a skeleton it’s a skeleton he’s just kind of wandering around just trying to be a skeleton doing his own thing and sure enough he’s gonna get the beatdown because holy paladin’s don’t like skeletons too much slight spoiler there alright folks thank you so much for your continued visitations of this playlist I hope it was useful for you.

I hope to see you in the kenchi playthrough when I have that coming up here in just a couple days I think I’m gonna give a shot at the rock bottom start now you do start with one arm I think and you’re naked and basically starving so that was at the suggestion of one of our one of the subscribers on the channel so I might go ahead and give that a shot see if we can make it happen but thank you so much for watching this series and I hope this was informative thank you so much and take care.

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