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Description of the video guide «How to start playing Kenshi, tips for the first stages of the game»

Some early tips specifically for new players just starting out with Kenshi. I will have a video dedicated to making money in mid to late game at a later point. These ideas can be applied to most starts and are only rough guidelines.

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas.

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Hello and welcome to another tutorial for kenchi my name is Tobal and in this video I’m gonna be talking about different ways to start out the game and make some money now there are a lot of different starts in Kanchi and we covered this in my first tutorial video and all these different types of starts this video here that I’m doing right now is going to mostly assume you’re trying to do one of the challenging kind of solo starts I’m not going to address the nobodies or freedom seekers just yet although you can’t apply some of the things I’m going to talk about with the nobodies start in fact you just basically apply it to all of the characters instead of just one but in terms of the trader I think there’s one that lets you start out as a wandering trader or the freedom seekers that might not be as applicable right out of the gates although there are you know these types of things these activities you can do are always available to any character whatsoever so I’ve chosen a holy nation start so I want to start off as a holy nation.

So I basically don’t start with much of anything 200 cats I have the holy flame which is the theological book for the Lord of Oh cron which is what the holy nation believes in and I’ve got a iron club and some decent pants and shirt so a couple of things here and it looks like we’ve triggered this guard he wants to talk to us so we’ll let him talk to us real quick you want to search us no problem we literally have nothing at all in our inventory but your holy book so there’s a couple things you can do at the start of the game and there’s it really depends on what you’re into one of the more grinding options and by grindy I mean it just takes a little bit of time but it can be useful in a couple different ways one option is to find an iron resource or a copper resource just outside of a friendly City so we spawned here and I’m gonna pull up the map and see that this is in bad teeth and I will try to keep the map spoilers to a minimum but this is a fairly pop popular city you’re going to run across the city because it’s an holy nation territory so it’s not too big of a surprise so I’m gonna run over here to this iron resource.

And start having my character attack no he’s gonna start mining this resource this is the bar that tells you how close to bringing up one piece of or your character is or how close he is to finishing one piece of that item so I’m gonna speed up the game by pressing f4 I like to do this very close to a friendly City for a couple reasons generally the friendly patrols come out of the city and are nearby so they keep the bandits away from you or if you do happen to get ambushed by a pack of wolves or something like that you should be able to run to the city for protection which is very important at the start of the game you’re not going to be able to fight pretty much anything at the start of kenchi I mean that’s just that’s just the way it is now you can try to fight of course you might get knocked on your butt and you might get lucky because you know another friendly group might patch you up and you know make sure that you’re okay but for the most part unless you happen to catch a starving vagrant all by their lonesome you’re not going to be able to survive a one-on-one fight unless you happen to have a unique start where you’re a little bit stronger and you a little bit more powerful with the better weapon so I like to use this method when I do a much longer let’s play when I’m doing it playthrough where I want to have a big group of people so normally I don’t do this part until I have at least nine or ten other people with me however this isn’t bad on its own to make a little bit of money so as you can see one piece of raw iron is worth ninety cats sorry it’s actually worth seventy eight cats sold the average price is ninety so it’s value is actually 78 at this city over here but what we can do is pay is keep having our character mine this iron resource keep in mind of course I happen to just pull a group of hungry bandits this is a huge pack of bandits okay well this is a great example of the other thing that I like to do in the game which is scavenging so I’m going to snag my two pieces of iron that I just grabbed and I’m going to try to run away except I’m not really fast enough oh so sad I’m gonna pause this real quick and I’m gonna dump my pieces of iron great now I’m a little bit faster than this grooc.

So here’s the other option that I like to do in Kanchi now picture this right this game is set in this post-apocalyptic wasteland area and almost every apocalyptic movie you’ve ever seen has some kind of scavenger right so yeah you’re a scavenger go scavenge things and one of the best ways to do that is wait for some enemy group to trigger a fight with a protective large group like our good friends the holy paladin’s hey just sit back watch the carnage unfold and you can kind of dive in and find some goods in their possession now this isn’t the best example because these are just hungry bandits and for the most part all they have are a bunch of clubs but you can find groups like the I’m trying to think of the name dust bandits I believe it’s one of the groups there’s also some other groups that patrol it depends on where you’re at different bandit groups patrol of different areas so you might encounter groups with some crappy swords but those swords might be worth two or three hundred cats apiece so as you start to watch those bodies drop you can start to build up a good amount of loot by just waiting for them to go unconscious because you’re basically your friends here your paladins are taking on the fight and you can kind of clean up the rest now when you’re in the city like this it’s not a bad idea to maybe turn your block on because it gives you a massive amount of blocking skill and just take so take a little bit of damage maybe one of these guys chases you all the way through the gates go ahead and let them be aggressive towards you because you might be able to build up a couple of attack or defense points depending on if you let them attack you or if you want to attack back for the most part though our friends here are going to just mop the floor with these starving bandits because they’re at about you know seven or eight attack well our paladins are at like 46 to 50 and their strength is way way higher and of course they’re better equipped so scavenging is a huge part of Ken Chi this just happened to take place inside of a friendly City.

But you can find scenes like this all across the land you might find a group of bandits fighting a pack of wolves you might find a patrol of holy paladin’s who are eliminating a nest of and so you know there’s going to be different areas where there’s combat and you have the optically you have to think like a scavenger you’re basically a person who’s got barely any money you don’t have any food to your name right now so you have to do what you need to to survive so while everyone’s distracted with fighting I can click on one of these unconscious or dead people and steal some of their items now it’s not really a crime if I’m stealing from the people who are aggressing against your allied city however if one of these guys happens to go down so maybe if the Paladin here happens to get knocked unconscious if I tried to loot the Paladin it will be considered thievery if I pick anything off of him and I can look at his body I can see what he’s got like I can do this I can open the inventory but as soon as I try to take something that Paladin at anyone who sees me will wind up aggroing me unless that character is unconscious and you’re kind of in a corner where it’s nice and dark and that might be something you have to turn you’re sneaking you’re sneaking ability on four so let’s go back to this guy who’s unconscious we’re gonna pick up his stick we’re gonna click on a couple of these bodies the nice thing can she does is when you’re pretty close to a pile of bodies it lets you click over to a new body without you know losing the box so again you looking at the price of these yeah they’re only worth forty five cats but you didn’t do anything to get all these sticks right have you barely done any work you didn’t even have to take a shot all you did was get ambushed by these guys and intelligently you walked inside of a protective city so think like a scavenger try to grab whatever you can anytime you see a fight just be cautious that you don’t put yourself in a position where you’re stealing from the big strong you know the big strong faction here well this is it quite a battle so one of the biggest battles I think I’ve seen in a long time I mean it’s just starving bandits oh it’s nothing to you know be impressed with I like our characters just stoic looking out over the people so that’s one of the options if you see situations like this this character here is crippled because they’ve lost the ability to use their leg well there’s still an enemy why get a free couple free skill points and knock them on the back of the head right there your character can take advantage of those situations they can also jump in on any fights that are in place so you can kind of gang up on somebody and help out your local allies by knocking them on the head it won’t necessarily get you a ton of combat points but it might be useful and just quite entertaining to watch your characters swing away at somebody crawling around let’s get an example of helping out so here’s this guy who’s fighting a bunch of people he just got knocked but you could come right in here I think I knocked out right as they showed up but you could come join in this fight and sort of help out any locals in the area ganging up on enemies is a great way to build up your skills while staying fairly safe oh look this might be the up this is the hungry bandit leader this is the leader of that entire pack they happen to have a sword on them so let’s loot their body and find out that they’ve got a pair of wooden sandals and a horse chopper which is actually worth 124 cats so I’m going to you know I’m gonna do don’t tell anyone I did this but I’m gonna ditch the holy flame I’m gonna pick up the horse chopper it’ll be in my main weapons lot but that’s okay I’ll pick up the two clubs that I moved over to them just don’t tell anyone about the holy flame they get a little upset when you don’t carry around their magic book but yeah that’s scavenging in a nutshell and again like I mentioned you can find this happening all over the land of kenchi so if you wind up wanting to not really spend much time doing something repetitive like you know mining a piece of iron and then I would encourage you to just start exploring however I will warn you that a lot of these areas can be incredibly deadly and if your character has not built up to their Athletics which means that they’re not faster than most of the enemies in the game you can get overrun and you can wind up getting knocked unconscious so be careful about number one where you’re going in the world but also where you’re saving your game at I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing an early quick save just press f5 and your game will do a quick save I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using that save and leaning on that save if you happen to take a wrong turn and you’re suddenly ambushed if you’re starting the game for the first couple of times you know don’t feel bad about doing that you’re gonna have weird in horrible deaths all the time and is there’s nothing wrong with you know reloading your game and making use of that alright so we’re gonna go into any of these stores and click on to the vendor and I can see here that this guy’s got about six thousand cats so this is more than enough money to pay for all of these clubs you can see that the upper portion of this screen says iron club fencing chants one hundred stolen from so he knows this is stolen from someone he he basically knows that it’s been stolen from a bandit leader but he doesn’t care so the fencing chants fencing means you’re selling something illegally basically to someone so he’s going to give us the value of those clubs I’m also gonna sell the club I started with because well I don’t think I’m gonna fight too many people maybe we’ll keep it for sentimentality right alright let’s keep a hold on that and then we’re gonna sell this horse chopper so we started out I think with like two hundred cats and now we’re up to eight hundred cats nothing to write home about you know you’re not making tons of money off this but everything can build off all of your decisions right so now we have eight hundred cats well maybe what we do maybe we don’t want to scavenge maybe we don’t want to sit there and mine all day maybe you’re more interested in doing something honest like becoming a traitor well let’s take a look at those goods we’ve just or the let’s take a look at the goods trader and with the money that we just got from kind of scavenging those bodies what do we can look at is prices here so we’re looking to all these trade goods if you notice there on the right side you can see that the average price and then you get a price markup the fact that it’s ninety one means this item is under the current average price so the average price is two thousand five hundred and twenty seven this the value of this item is two thousand three hundred so in theory if we were to take this somewhere else we might make upwards of two hundred cat profit unfortunately it’s more than money than we have in our inventory as are I think most of these items so trading is possible it’s definitely possible to be a just a normal trader in the game you just sometimes need a little bit more of a of capital basically to set yourself up to buy your first batch of items so but don’t think that trading is impossible it definitely is but in terms of the time it takes to go between cities it’s going to be a bit more lucrative for you to continue just mining or scavenging or exploring rather than you know trying to do a trade with a very low-cost item one other thing to keep an eye out is when you’re out and about in the kaanchi world look for this kind of situation we’ve got a bunch of white numbers here this means that somebody’s fighting somebody and because there’s so many numbers here it looks like it’s a pretty big battle so if i zoom in here it looks like our allies that’s an allied Patrol I say allied the holy nation isn’t necessarily our allies they’re just neutral and we’re not you know at war with them so I consider them allies to me because they’re gonna help us out in ten times of you know when we’re getting attacked so they’re fighting off a big pack of river Raptors they’ve killed the river Raptors so we can take a look at the body and find out that they’ve actually got animal skins and as it turns out animal skins are worth more than even the club’s that we found earlier and even that iron chopper so I’m gonna pick up some of the leather from these animals again this might seem tedious to you but I mean it is think of it like an RPG right when you’re out and about in an MMO or an RPG you kill an animal you loot the animal right so it’s the same general idea you’re just doing it from a high perspective where else do we see our friends the river Raptors oh there’s a bunch of corpses up here okay we’ll get as much as we can take in one inventory go.

Looks like we’ve got room for one more piece of leather perfect this foul meat is not worth anything though so we’re not gonna pick this up so let’s take our recent and it’s not ill-gotten gains perhaps it’s just hey we’re doing them a favor right we’re cleaning up this mess that happened when they you know ambushed in a pack of enemies we’re doing them a favor we’re cleaning up the street right we’re giving their we’re giving their their vendors and we’re giving their their leather workers some resources to mess with so let’s go over here to this vendor again this was the I think this is just the trades good vendor or maybe the building supply vendor it’ll tell you when you click on them holy construction trader it’s a holy construction trader not just a construction trader either way he’s gonna pay I think he pays you roughly the same that any other vendor in that same city would pay you so he’s gonna pay us about 239 for these these leathers so I’m gonna go ahead and sell all these leathers again making sure that he’s got enough money to cover the transaction which he does but now we find ourselves with 3,000 cats so within just a few minutes we’ve already gone from basically having 200 cats in our inventory to all the way up to about 300 so that’s fine with me let’s find there’s a weapons dealer here and what I’m hitting tab because it helps me it snaps the name of the building or the sign on the building so it helps me find the sign on the building okay I don’t see an adventure trader here adventure traders sell things like backpacks and they actually have a symbol of a guy with a stick with a backpack they can sell you backpacks that what the backpacks do is let you stack items so some items you only can have so many in your inventory some backpacks basically just expand your inventory space and let you have more of those items but there are special backpacks I think they’re called trader backpacks they let you actually stack items of the same type so if you had two pieces of leather you could stack them on top of each other and you wind up with you know stacks of nine or something like that whatever the limit is so that might be option later on if you are really into scavenging and you really want to carry as much as possible that might be an option the other thing I was gonna finish talking about here with this copper resource as you’re mining I don’t know if it’s as you’re mining or later I think it is as you’re mining you begin to get your strength up and I don’t think we had this happen yet because we were kind of interrupted by that group of wandering hungry bandits first it’s either if as you’re mining or it’s going to be after your mining you have to carry these things around you can get your skills up with these as well what I like to do is combine this mining operation with some training so what I’ll sit here and do is I’ll have my character and again I mentioned that I normally do this after I have about nine or ten squadmates I’ll have them all do this as well but when I first start the game sometimes I use this as my method of go to so I’ll have him sit here and mine away I actually think the copper note tapes a bit longer let’s go back to our iron note over here and in fact we ran away from here so I pressed alt and it highlights the two pieces of raw iron that I dropped a while ago so I can pick these two things up and I’ll head back over here to the iron and it actually kept our progress this is like how much how close we were to unearthing the next piece of raw iron so we’re gonna speed things up here a bit and what I would like to do is show you what I do with iron once I have a decent sized stack I use this as kind of like fitness training so whenever your character is over encumbered and that means that the encumbrance is read as they run around they’ll increase their strength by simply just being overwhelmed or over encumbered so as you start to put more weight on your character character if you expand this box you’ll notice that while the Athletics XP goes down to the strength XP goes up so let’s take a look again at this rock I want to carry both of these two items so now you notice that my total weight is now over to heavy and if you see here my encumbrance is up to 64% and my strength XP is up to 20 that means I get a bonus 20% to any strength gains so what I just like to do is is completely overwhelm my character with raw materials I mean I make it so heavy that they shouldn’t in theory be able to move at all then I have my character run around and I kind of hope that I don’t get ambushed by anyone as I’m waddling around I have my character run back to the city a safe city and I kind of run them around in circles inside outside of the city and maybe outside of the gates it is a bit tedious.

I definitely grant you that so if you’re not a person who enjoys this type of leveling then definitely don’t do it but think about it if you’re a guy who’s trying to get or a gal who’s trying to get stronger and to become a better fighter you’re gonna do some tough work that includes running around with a bunch of rocks in your backpack your pockets it’s making you stronger so it takes a while to do I tend to do this with a big group of ten because I let them like I’ll scavenge normally what I do when I start the game is ice scavenge until I have enough money to get about nine or ten recruits and then I put them through the equivalent of basic training so I might you know look at some other things on kenchi I might watch a show or something like that and just send my characters back and forth along a road I might even send them like from here all the way up the road just have to be careful that they don’t get ambushed because they’re so slow and they’re over encumbered so their skills will be I don’t know if over encumbrance I think it negatively affects your skills but maybe it doesn’t maybe it doesn’t at all but as you saw here we actually just got a skill up point in strength so because he’s over encumbered he’s learning how to be stronger.

He’s as body as adapting he’s becoming stronger over time so that’s one thing you could do while you’re also making money at the start of the game is train your abilities up at the same time and then of course once you’re done bring all those goods all those raw pieces of iron that you’ve so diligently mined out of the piece of iron resource and we’ll take them again to any trader apparently no one cares what they buy the bartender is just happy to buy your pieces of raw iron and they’ll give you about eighty two it looks like eighty two cats per piece so again pretty safe legitimate way to make money at the start of the game so this was just a couple ideas for you to get going in the game there’s a whole different bunch of paths you can go down you can try to become a bounty hunter you can just start exploring the map and really that’s part of it I think exploring the map and stayin flexible is really one of the most important things you can do in kenchi so just take advantage of situations as they come up because you’re in a post-apocalyptic world you’re basically the equivalent of a scavenger at the start of the game so you know I see some fighting over here hey what’s going on well it looks like who got in a fight there they killed a bunch of bone dogs who’s this oh this is another hungry bandit he’s actually plain dead which is kind of funny we’ll cover that at some point oh this guy wanted to talk to us he’s basically saying so he’s basically saying just welcome we’re he’s greeting you and welcoming you to the Holy Lands territory so I know that the nice response is love and devotion that’s their that’s their phrase so he’s going to give us a ration pack just because he’s a nice paladin and we’re a male they actually don’t like women all that much so yeah the holy nation is a bit sexist just keep that in mind if you’re bringing a lot of female characters they will get a little sassy with you oh here’s a great example of there is an holy nation character here who’s been downed there unconscious if you see how the icon is red that means that I can look at this character but as soon as I try to steal anything I’m going to immediately get aggressed upon by the entire party because I’m basically stealing from their entire faction also because I’m not at all invisible everyone can see what I’m doing so I just be really careful when you’re in the middle of looting after a big battle make sure that you don’t loot someone who’s part of the big faction or do it when they can’t see you not that I would ever encourage thievery from an honest faction at all but yeah you showed you totally should because they’ve got nice shiny swords keep in mind though if you steal from a faction the traders of that same faction will not be happy if they try to sell them those stolen goods so that’s about it for a basic basic intro there’s a lot of different ways to start the game but from.

It’s really comes down to scavenging mining raw resources or trading the one other option I’ve really not talked about because it’s not really applicable when you’re just by yourself is you can try to fight animals and kill animals and take their skin so you notice how we wound up coming up to the river after fight after it was completed well we can try to hunt River Raptors ourselves and gather their leather I normally do this when I’ve got a nice sized group of maybe five or six soldiers with me and they don’t even have to be well trained because as long as you have someone who can pick up you know the broken bodies after the battle you can try to fight them just be aware that the save-button is probably going to be your friend for quite a while.

Here’s a bunch of escaped to servants they’re only carrying clubs though so I’m not as impressed ooh they do have cross excuse me have you got crossbows I got so excited I got the hiccups so this group of escaped servants are walking towards this patrol of Paladin so my theory is these two groups are gonna fight now what I want to do is I see these crossbows on their back and I think those crossbows might be worth a good penny so being the able-bodied and quick witted scavenger I am I’m just gonna kind of wander over here waiting to see what happens with this group unfortunately looks like they’re going different ways we could try to stand right in the middle of this group to see if they’re ever you know they might sometimes they get a little bit aggressive with you they might say hey you’re not taking me back alive or hey we want all your food and your money so they might aggress on you and you could kind of drag them into the city with you but it looks like for the moment this fight was averted so I think I’m gonna go ahead and end this video here this is again just a real basic overview of what you can do as you start the game I think I’m gonna make a separate video maybe not for every single type of start but I might have a video that’s focused on the general wander or start which would be this video and then also a trading start and a start work you have a lot of different people like the entire squad of six so I would love your opinions in the comment section below if you have any ideas about future training or tutorial videos please let me know because I really do enjoy making these in there.

So much to learn about kenchi now that I really want to try to pass on as much knowledge as possible so thank you so much for watching this video and for any feedback you give I hope to see you again in the next tutorial video and I hope to also have a let’s play series coming up with a brand new playthrough of kenchi 1.0 coming up within the next couple of days I will make this I will endeavor to make that video that comes up a spoiler free video so if we explore something together naturally that’s fine but I’m not gonna try to just tell you where certain things are or tell you about more advanced features of the game because I want us to either explore that together or if you’re also playing along while we play I want you to find those two on your own because it’s pretty fun to see alright thank you so much for watching folks I hope you’ve had a great time with this video and I hope to see you again soon.

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