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Description of the video guide «How can I earn kats in Kenshi (without using bugs)»

In this video I show off how to mine, how to make money from weapons and armor crafting, find blueprints for good gear, how to bounty hunt and turn in bounties. These methods are not considered «cheesy» or exploits, but instead will make you reliable income and not put you in bad standing with the major factions you are living under.

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A orange one here so in this video I want to show you a couple legit ways to make money there’s some ways to get money faster than what I’m gonna show you that these are what people consider to be like not cheesy or exploits so I’m gonna go over basically how you mine at first because in the early game you really do need to do some mining to get some cash if you don’t want to do anything cheesy then once you’ve got that going I’m gonna talk a little bit about getting your industry going because I think that’s a very reliable way of getting some good money in the early to mid-game and then also I’ll talk a little bit about bounty hunting slavery and when you’ve actually got your phone base going how you can really get some money because if you if you know what you’re doing you can be going into town with hundreds of thousands of cats worth of goods but it all starts off with these mines right here this doesn’t look like a mine you can or a mine of asset but this right here is a copper resource so my guy right here if I want him to mine on this I just right click on that and he’ll start mining it and when this progress bar gets always to fool they’ll mine some copper I would recommend going for copper over iron because copper is worth I think it’s a hundred and eighty cats and iron is worth ninety so this takes a while so ideally you would assign two people to this so this resource right here can be mined by two people at once and then you can send one person in to go trade when you’ve gotten a good amount if I look over here that has another copper resource that actually looks like a rock and it can only be mined by one worker let’s see if I also look over here I have somebody else another city yeah they’re over here and there is a resource so it could have them mined for iron quality is kind of important because I get you get the resources faster.

This is not a great resource a because it’s iron and B because only one person can work on it so keep that in mind the next thing I wanted to talk about was once you’ve mined and you’ve done a good amount of cash and you made me got like two three people I would recommend buying a house I have a whole video on how to get this set up like this but basically what I like to do at least is buy raw resources from merchants and then use those raw resources to produce some goods so if I look here I have a leather crafting station I’ve got some cloth I need some actual leather there but what I typically start off with is after I’ve gone some research done and I’ve got the clothing bench you can go ahead and make some clothes with that bench so if you click on cue I believe this clothing bench right here I don’t think I don’t know if the cargo pants is available by default I know you can make a haggle must which is a a it’s pretty good piece of clothing if you’re in the desert and B it sells for a good amount of cat cats as well so if I look here at this item it sells for 175 if it’s just standard and if you get people doing this for a while they’re gonna make stuff that’s better than just standard so if I wanted to give that industry going I need to first buy the raw materials from a place like this I think I may have bugged this out and my game I think I did some cheesy things and stole from this store so they may not have oh no actually they they they are here okay good so if I wanted to get that industry going I talked to this person and I can buy fabrics for 60 cats apiece and then I can assign this guy to craft by right-clicking on it and holding down shift so now he’s not be working on that I’m gonna do agamous though because those those take one hour to make so they get made really fast too which is a nice thing to keep in mind and then you can sell them for a good amount more money.

This right here takes two hours so it takes a little bit longer but it is also worth more I don’t know if it uses more um more ingredients though I think it’s just use this one so yeah if you get that clothing industry going you can get a good amount of cash coming in through that you can also then when you can afford it you can upgrade it and make leather armor which is really nice I think traders leathers are available by default by the mercenary leather you have to buy the blueprint which are highly recommend there’s some blueprints that will make you a lot more money and be and it’ll be better armor so like the mercenary leather armor doesn’t isn’t really worth that much more it’s comparable to the traders leathers but it’s way better protection and you you kind of want to be making some of this armor early on anyways so I would get that blueprint if you can speaking of which I should talk a little bit about blueprints if I wanted a blueprint for something I can’t get armor from like a farm shot usually you have to buy it from a special shop so this right here is like an armory shop so if I want to get some armor I could go there and I believe that I don’t think this place has a weapon Smith a weapon Smith is really really useful as well so this guy right here if I talk to them this really depends on where you’re at what and what’s available to you but I can go ahead and get some armor blueprints from this guy.

Like the mercenary leather armor so although it’s a leather armor you can get this blueprint from this guy right here I would also recommend doing the same thing with weapons if you can because you can make quite a bit of money with weapons my favorite weapon to make once I get a I don’t have a weapon works bench right here in this place but I’ll go ahead and go to my city to show you the one I really really like the blueprint that for me has been just an insane amount of money so if I go onto my weapon workshop the desert saber is really really nice it’s worth a lot this is upgraded so it’s gotta be worth more than the the basic one but the desert saber is going there like if I look at the desert saber cartoon number one worth one thousand nine hundred I just look at like a hold saber which I think is what you get by default worth like half as much same materials it gets a similar amount of time actually no it takes twice as much time it’s a better weapon so you can get a lot of good weapons from the stuff as well while making money and if I look over here I’m already got a stockpile of these things and I’ve got some armor that’s being made as well so yeah basically once you get those people trained up they’ll start making higher quality gear which will get you more money for that said gear and so it’s kind of an investment you could go the route of making a grog or sake or rum but I really recommend going for weapons and armor as soon as possible because then you’ll be able to make money later on in the game it’s more like a investment and you get really good gear from it as well and it’s also kind of cool to have your own blacksmiths even though they’re animation they are actually hammering anything you know it’s Kenji it’s still kind of bizarre and it’s in beautiful in its own way so also we get the last thing I wanted to kind of talk about was bounty hunting in slavery so if I go ahead and look at I think your tuner there was somebody that was wandering around with a bounty I might make a cut here and see if I can find them yeah I’m gonna do that.

So I haven’t found that guy that with the bounty on it but I did want to talk about wild animals you can hunt them and kill them for their skins and their meats so it’s a good source of food free food and leather but typically the animals will wonder in pretty large groups so you’re gonna probably not be able to take them on right away but you might be able to take on a few stragglers from time to time and get some really good really good ingredients for making more armor because leather you can make you can tan some of the leather with the tanning bench and you can also just sell it for a decent no money oh look at these skimmers are actually I get involved probably I don’t think we’re going to actually be able to get that guard unfortunately or maybe it we will okay well let’s see if we can get this garden it looks like it’s coming to us sounds good to me I just wanted to show you the how you get leather from an animal speed this up a little bit.

So basically if you just right-click on them and if you just take one out the animal will die like you probably notice that it was bleeding out and now it’s dead.

If harvest is those skins each one of those sell for 240 and you can cook the meat as well and sell that which is pretty nice amount of money in the early game just for fighting something so if you can get stragglers that’s always good if you fight the whole group you’re gonna have a hard time in the early game let’s go ahead and see if I can find a bounty and I’ll show you what I like to do with the bounties okay so that took me a little bit longer than I thought it would but I found a group here of just outlaw swordsmen and they’re going to probably attack me any second now yep that’s what I thought but I want to show you if you click on these guys you can see that they have bounties so whenever I see someone in the distance I check to see if they have a bounty on them if you kill them and get them while they’re alive you can claim that bounty that the faction has on them so orange one I think you can take on this group can come on we’re getting a little bit more beat up than I was planning on this but you get the idea so where is he so this guy is dying actually so it’s good if you’re gonna go bounty hunting to bring a first-aid kit.

Luckily I did so this guy’s not gonna die anymore but I’m not gonna waste any more of my first-aid kit on him so let’s just go ahead and pick him up and we’ll take him in to show batana cuz we’re right by it and then I’ll show you how you sell about to you this is for at least when I was playing this game a while ago a very reliable way of making money if you’ve got a crew of people that you’re training up to get fighting he might as well bring in some bounties if you’ve got someone with a heavy weapon and you want to train their strength you can have them carry your bounties it’s a it’s a nice way of getting a.

More cash let’s see where’s the police station in here right there okay so if I bring this guy with the bounty on them down here and I talked to this guy right here with the thought of the bubble I can tell him to take the guy that I’ve got a bounty on and I got the full bounty if the guy was actually dead I would have only gotten half of it so you do want to bring some first aid kits in case that happens so I mean with bounty hunting you can do it two ways you can either bite them and and take it which i think is legit or you can use assassination and take them out which kind of is an exploit because you don’t have to fight a whole group you just knock him out it’s kind of nice and easy but yeah that this has been my my tips on how to make some cash in the early-mid game once you get to the late game it’s super easy you just get some people set up let them do their thing and you’re gonna have hundreds of thousands of cats thank you for joining me this has been orange one.

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