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Description of the video guide «How to play Kenshi»

Memes, at least 3 Beep jokes (possibly more), and everything you need to know to play Kenshi in just 9 minutes!

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  • «Shenyang», «Crusade Heavy Industry», «Pixelland», and «Mighty Like Us» by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Licence: CC BY.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

This can’t have just happened to me right you know what don’t answer that you can call me a zekiel this is Ken Chi let’s jump in welcome to Ken Chi I’d recommend picking the wanderer start for your first game here you’ll be able to customize your characters race and appearance you should play as a male Green Lander since they have the easiest time getting around the world I’ll get into why that is later like a lot of Games characters and kenchi have attributes and skills attributes affect a broad variety of things while each skill concerns a specific activity characters don’t have levels skills and attributes do this means that if you want to improve your skill with a weapon you have to use it to improve your medical skill use it to improve your toughness yes get beat enough to use it unfortunately all of your stats start at level 1 this means that even if you’re not trying to train your get beaten up skills you might end up training them anyway I’m gonna give you a reasonably quick training regimen to make your character not suck let’s call it the Ezequiel regimen if you picked the wanderer start you’ll begin the game in the hub that’s exactly where you want to be there’s a guy called a twitchy bar thug just insult him until he and his buddies attack you well you will get some fighting experience that’s not the main reason you’re provoking him the local guards will help you fight him says they’ll think he was the aggressor once the thug and his pals are down loot them the guards won’t care keep the stuff you like like this cool leather jacket sell everything else to the barkeep buy whatever food and medicine you need while you’re here as well as a crossbow and ammunition you can train your strength and athletics by putting a lot of heavy things in your inventory and running around seriously just run that’s it once you’re satisfied we’ll work on fighting the local ninja tower has training dummies for assassination lock-picking and melee the trouble is that they don’t like homeless people using their training equipment that’s what stealth is for sneak while using the equipment as long as the eye is blue you’re safe as soon as someone walks by stop using the equipment while not using the equipment walk around it’ll increase your stealth now it’s time to get out into the world there are roving bands of murderers out there and they want to you know murder you if your athletic skill is high enough you should be able to outrun them remember that crossbow you bought earlier now’s the time to use it give them the old shoot and scoot once the band of marauders is down loot them for their valuables and run away for further strength training pick one of them up while you run away I’m not joking it actually works by now you should have a character who can both defend themselves and run away with a functional character let’s adventure you’ll probably have noticed by now that you need to eat and in kaanchi food ain’t cheap money and kenchi is called cats not that kind a money-making strategy I find all over YouTube is to lure criminals into town so the guards beat them up then looting the bodies while this does work it’s time-consuming and boring after dealing with the early game training you shouldn’t have to go through any more boring both in terms of profits and fun exploring the world is the best way to make money kenchi is filled with all sorts of interesting profitable and dangerous places places like the Ashland’s offer some of the biggest profits but they’re also extremely dangerous there’s always something interesting right around the corner there’s a benefit to exploring other than profit the lure having been in development for over 12 years kenchi has accrued a lot of lore and it’s good lore too as you travel you’ll meet the game’s unique characters and learn about their history the trouble is that many will lie to you sometimes these lies get upgraded to half-truths if you’re the right race during your travels you might even encounter the mightiest warrior in the land beep you meet potential party members and bars most imagine upfront fee while others will join you for free the fee will be higher the more skilled they are you can’t see a prospective party member skills but you can see their attributes by clicking on them use a combination of that and their dialogue to figure out what they’ll be good at regardless of how a party member starts you can always train them into the role you want another way to get party members is by buying slaves fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective they don’t actually become your slaves as soon as you leave the town you bought them in most will run away the rest will stay and join you as regular non enslaved party members for some temporary muscle you can hire mercenaries mercenaries don’t join your party and you can’t tell them what to do what they will do is follow you around and attack anyone who attacks you the further out you explore the less II can rely on guards into patrols to protect you combat and can she is more fine-tuned than it first appears for example attacks only land if a weapon makes physical contact with the target this means that if your micro is good enough you can make any character effectively and vulnerable similarly you can make a point of positioning yourself against multiple enemies in such a way that a single attack hits all of them factions can be found all throughout the world some like the cannibals are inherently hostile others you can cooperate with the biggest factions are the holy nation and the united cities they hate each other they’re both in the north side of the map so if you like politics and war that’s the place to be joining a faction means their patrols will defend you and the patrols and city guards of hostile factions will attack you when going through a factions territory they might treat you in different ways for different reasons the holy nation only likes green Lander men so if you’re anything else you’ll have trouble with the guards or even be attacked on sight interestingly the holy nation won’t attack non-accepted races if they’re with a green Lander which is nice although the reason for this is that they’re assuming you’re the green Landers slave which is less nice by the way this doesn’t work on skeletons as far as the holy nation is concerned they’re only good dead you can do missions for factions usually get them from its leader most often this means destroying and conquering their enemies conquest is as simple as a single trigger when the leader of or region dies its rival faction will take over the affected cities if you’re really bold you can try to kidnap a factions leader instead if you bring them to their rivals this will give you a massive reward prior adventuring is great null but homelessness is not you should build a base an ideal location for a base we’ll have iron fertile soil and be close to an existing town so you have someone to sell your stuff to harvesting resources is a repetitive process and the game knows it to make things easier the game features a job system which automates repetitive tasks most tasks that involve harvesting also include hauling the product to its dedicated storage while jobs are active characters will defend themselves and each other as well as stop to eat when they need to this means bases run themselves when something big happens you can turn jobs off manually control your characters and then turn jobs back on when the problem is solved before you can build advanced facilities you need to research them research costs books which for some reason can’t be reused you can buy books from just about anywhere but the best technology requires ancient science books among other rare things very few places sell them so you’ll have to find an ancient science lab or similar facility and rate it these facilities are heavily guarded so be ready for a hard fight or a difficult stealth challenge factions nearby your base will make a point of messing with it building a base in United cities Territory means you have to pay taxes the holy nation doesn’t collect taxes but they will oppress your women and minorities but it also demands you take part in prayer day you also have to deal with hostile factions who really just want to kill you you’ll want strong defenses to deal with them or alternatively you can just evacuate your town wait for the raid to end and return to town most Raiders don’t even loot your stores or burn your feels it’s really quite forgiving for kenchi.

So what now ken she’s very much a do whatever you want sort of game playing as a lone assassin can be just as fun as playing as a warlord the game is quite unforgiving though if you need the help you can cheat the game comes with an editor which you can use to buff your stats and give yourself anything else you might need there’s also a hell of a modding community however Noble or degenerate you want to be there’s probably a mod for you that was can she feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments I’ll get back to you pretty quick up next is Ken Sheen but in 2d try not to go insane Oh.

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