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Description of the video guide «How to quickly increase your stealth level in Kenshi»

This video is on how to level up fast with the blood spider method in the game Kenshi.

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Everybody welcome back to the gambler guide Channel today we’re looking at kimchi and specifically I’m gonna be showing you how to make a iced elf character quickly using blood spiders just waiting to load in here real quick I have myself four different outposts basically including the of is one of them which is the starting one this is the hub here if you’re trying to get your bearings for you new to this game kenchi this is sort of what I would consider like game well it’s definitely micromanaging somewhat different doubts folks but it has industry and building and politics and fighting and all kinds of interesting stuff anyway the intent of the video here is to talk about getting the stealth up on one of your characters this happens to be the one that I started with and has done the majority of all the heavy lifting and is sort of my well not sort of he definitely is my MVP of all the characters I have and I have about one hundred two of them last I checked so that’s a lot of tunes with a maybe it’s second runner-up would be jian isms since he can run 55 miles an hour and is a good researcher but as far as a guy who goes out and gets all our AI cores blueprints scientific research books and also defeated the bug master solo this is a dude and stealth definitely in this game I would say is overpowered and I feel like everybody should have one of these guys to really advance if you don’t want to take your entire army out and do things by blunt-force there’s also a way to be stealthy and also do some sort of fun things with infiltration and stuff too when you have high stealth you can also sneak into people’s buildings and and where their outfits and stuff like that and steal stuff and whatnot — if you wanted to I use it mostly just for grabbing blueprints and plans and infiltrating it to libraries to just take stuff like that not really so much into the thieving aspect here and this particular playthrough but as you can see we’ve got a long stream of allies here we’ve built a pretty big settlement and I’ve picked a couple out for this episode that I wanted to go and train up and become up there with Lars as far as their stealth ability what we’re gonna be going to on the map is up here a little bit farther north of where the hub is the hub earrings are a little base there is a place called rebirth which is basically like a enforcement camp for these oak Ron religion if you’re not an okra Nina or okra knight or whatever you get sent there and it’s almost like a concentration camp sort of thing but there’s a back door to this lost library The Lost library is where I first discovered this little trick using spiders blood spiders more specifically not to any kind of spider and being able to level up stealth very quickly there is one other spot if this is not close to you if you didn’t start with the slave start or start in the standard start area or you’re just far far away from this and you’re not gonna want to go over there to start with if you’re down here in the south coast I noticed that this lost lifer here on the coast also has the same sort of layout it’s not gonna be quite as easy to train up with the blood spiders but there are actually blood spiders there even though it doesn’t say that here on this library layout so these are the two guys that selected for this they’re both pretty new citizens pan I just got pin the brewer and Bernie has been hanging out by the green for it which is kind of our agricultural fort but I want to make them both a little heavier and stealth so I had more than just one guy that’s super high level stealth so we’re gonna go to run them through the holy nation one tip I would recommend is have good faction with holy nation if you’re gonna come this way so it doesn’t you know make it harder than it needs to be you might also want to carry the holy flame on you this is the book basically the whole the nation ceases their Bible in case you run into something like this I always recommend talking to them if they do track you down a lot of times if you have the holy flame and you’re not some other race besides a humanoid they’ll just end up giving you a ration pack or letting you go after you show them that you have the holy flame so make sure to do that you might also want to do a little bit of lock-picking prep because there make it just a little easier at the library to unlock some of the boxes or bring some tools or a hacksaw with you if you find those laying around in a house or can buy them at some of the bars and stuff like that or some of the supply shops yeah bring some tools and a hacksaw and some weapons too.

The other thing you can do is sometimes break open a door or a box which is things we’re going to need to do once we get there so anyway let’s continue over to blister Hill I’m gonna actually go through the town and get there another way you could get there too is just goes straight to rebirth if you know where that is in the map or you have that scouted out this is kind of the harder back way the road out the back door here of blister Hill is real windy so you’re gonna have to kind of micromanage your guys up the little windy path when you get up far enough if you go like over to the left a little bit more you actually see rebirth down there that’s what that is down there which is kind of a holy nation concentration camp for their religion sort of thing but we’re just gonna bypass that and we’re gonna take a little detour here off to the side out one of the exit gates so if you are actually starting with the slave start you could do this with some of your new characters as long as you can escape out this way Sonne over here you’ll find an ancient library site with a bunch of ruined buildings and then the holy or the old ancient library down at the bottom they’re gonna take your guys over there now unfortunately I got here at night time instead of at day time and you really need to do this at day time if you come here at night their blood spiders are down here but if you even have zero stealth or one stealth and you stealth these things won’t see you at nighttime as long as it’s night at daytime they will see you pretty much even if you have super high stealth so it’s kind of odd the daylight makes a big difference so even though I don’t have any stealth really trained up on this.

Mmm and I’m not sure why that there I’ll have mild damage usually when you run down here the spiders don’t have damage I do have a couple mods running but I did this actually in vanilla before I really started modding the game so shouldn’t make any difference this will work either way anyway so I’m gonna go ahead and run down here and did you see I mean I have zero stealth right now but the spiders are not seeing me if this is daytime and the little Sun icon by my name was lit up instead of dark this would not work and I’d be getting attacked by spiders right now so I’m gonna go over to the holy library and I’m gonna go on since I don’t have high blocking I’m just gonna go and smash the door down you might still want to keep an eye out behind you to make sure the spiders are not like getting too close and creeping up on you but I’ve never had them actually see me now let’s start and become daylight so right about now you want to keep an eye out behind you to make sure that the spiders aren’t creepin up but in here and the library you can pick up some books when you open up some of the chests inside to the some of the ancient tombs which are nice has a little extra bonus all right now the state I’m I’m gonna switch over to the other tune and we’ll come down here and actually start training now that spiders can see us another thing too I’ll mention is these skeletons pretty much always will come down here or they’ll be down here already I wouldn’t interfere too much with them that have some good weapons.

I let the spiders just take them out and they usually always will kill the skeletons unless there’s just a lot of them they have some great weapons and so when night comes again we can go over there and loot some of their swords and stuff like that so now I started training out my stuff I had zero when I came here I already had two just from going around the corner there of course they were all looking at the skeletons and attacking them so now I should actually start getting some stealth so I’m coming down here keeping stealth on and I’m gonna go down the real time here too and just walk it around watch my stealth jump up so I’m already at five now and we were just at zero a second ago six so it moves really quickly you’re gonna have to probably dedicate it in game day to actually getting one your avatars up to a higher level you probably get to 70 if you use this one character I brought two down here as kind of a safety measure in case one of them gets actually attacked by spiders and knocked out the other one come over and heal them and like I said I already have a character that’s level 100 almost and stealth when with a charity’s hundred so he’s already doing all the heavy lifting but these are just kind of backups and I like to have a couple different ones so I could do a costume infiltration here’s a look at the blood spiders what they look like one other interesting little comment on the blood spiders besides their horrible night vision is they have the longest in-game melee attack of any of the NPC characters so unless you’ve gone on the Steam market and you’ve got the blood spider reduced range mod don’t let them anywhere near you or they will hit you and you think that they don’t have they reach on you so anyway we’re going back around the corner here you see a stealth building on pin 2 so it goes pretty quickly I’m already have 6 now and so just keep working on it I’d recommend probably just concentrating on one of the characters have the other there is a backup like I was saying.

Another method is if you’ve already broke the door down you can go inside of the library once it’s broken down up on the ramp and that’s another way to get out of their line of sight blood spiders have a really terrible memory so as soon as you’re out of — sight you’re and you’re still kicks in blue they pretty much instantly will turn back and go the other way unless they’re really really close to you if they’re really really close to you they’re probably gonna try to get you so don’t let them get too close if you’re within that range or perfectly safe you could even let them a little closer if you wanted to but if they’re right up at your heels they’re gonna probably follow you inside the building and that would be a bad thing for sure so anyway nighttime is hit again here so I’m gonna go ahead and loot those skeletons we saw go down earlier and they have some really great swords especially for beginners that’s not a good one but the other ones the ones that are green they’re pretty whatever considered pretty good especially for early or mid game another thing you might try is healing the blood spiders taking them with you and creating a little pendant area where you can train near your base with a little enclosure of blood fighters they do die pretty easily though so you have to be pretty quick about helium and you’ll need some extra people to haul the blood spiders over well that’s pretty much all there is to it.

One extra note I’ll say is that you can take any of the bountied skeletons into the holy nation if you’re trying to improve your faction standing and turning.

Men and not asking for money won’t prove your faction standing unless you’re allied with the Scheck like I am then you get money no matter what and you really can improve your faction status so it kind of depends if your early game or if you’ve been playing for a while and you’ve already made other alliances but it’s one way you can actually improve your faction by turning in bounties anyway that is it thank you very much for watching please thumbs up the video if you would and appreciate it if you would subscribe if you want to see more kimchi I definitely let me know and I’ll see you guys in the next video later.

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