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Автор: Orange 01

Description of the video guide «Where to Look for Ancient Scientific Books, Engineering Research and AI Kernels»

I go over where you can buy these items as where you can loot them. There are spoilers in this video around the locations of Worlds End, Black Desert City, and one example of a ancient lab, lost library, and post apocalypse workshop.

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Hey orange one here so in this video I’m gonna go over where to find ancient science books engineering research and ki cores if you’re not familiar the reason why you want these things is so you can do more advanced research they’re kind of like the basic books for the lower technology being multiple of them at your research bench and you need them in the research bench um so I’m gonna be talking mostly about where you find them if you are there’s there’s two C’s that I know that will sometimes have these items the first one would be World’s End and this is this videos gotta contain a lot of spoilers by the way um World’s End is really good tech honor City uh up here in the northern part of the map near just north of um like okra and shield and opens fist in this mountain range it’s kind of hard to get to because it’s hard to path up to but if you go to the city some of the stores I think like this one right here this a mechanical shop if you talk to the owner they’ll actually sometimes have these ancient science books and I think that they sometimes have the other books as well so you can buy these here they’re pretty expensive but you can’t really buy them any other place and there’s only other you can only find them in ruins besides this and the black desert city so yeah you can get these here and I’ll show you the next place as well alright so we’re at the black desert city in the black desert region of the map or I think it’s actually the Deadlands it’s right next to black desert so if you go here this is like a skeleton controlled city and they have this place called the scrap house just next to it which is this giant store so if you go to the first floor not for zero but for one you click on there your person should run into the store and this store is one of the best stores in the whole game they have some really good loot in here but if you talk to Quinn right here they’re the one that sells stuff to you and they’ll they’ve got some unique dialogue about ton of different items ton of really good melee weapons and ranged weapons but if you keep on scrolling down you’ll see that they also have engineering research I think that they also yeah they’ve got really good blueprints as well and they also have AI cores these are extremely expensive though 25,000 cats it’s like more than any of the prosthetics that you would find they also usually have ancient science books so I think I’ve bought all of theirs and you can import the world from previous saves and the whole restock the inventory of this if you’re trying to just get more of them through buying and selling goods but that is cap XY so I wouldn’t recommend it because there’s actually really fun to go into the ruins if you’re having a hard time finding runes.

Sometimes they you can find maps to those ruins and those traders shops so I might show you that next so I’m back in worlds and and if you look here this right here is a travel shop it’s also a repair shop for skeletons have a cool little combo that they have here in this one place but if you go and talk to the person who’s in charge of the the travel shop portion they’ll have where they should have some maps so you can see maps of towns and they will also have things like lost libraries and other locations that you can buy maps to so you can buy that to see do you right-click on it it’s kind of like a blueprint you’ll add that location to your map it doesn’t show you where on the map but if you look around you should be able to find a new location of a lost library.

So these are all ruins up here I don’t see the lost library I’m just gonna look around for a sec and see if I can find it so you can see what this looks like oh I think that’s yeah I think this is it right here because we haven’t been to this part of the map so that’s going to be a lost library we haven’t been there yet so it’s just marked as ruins so I’ll show you how to explore ruins as well and it’s video so just give me a second so this character right here I had exploring around and they’ve actually went to this swamp area and there’s all these unknown objects and ruins so if I run over to all these unknown objects or ruins it should let me know what type of location it is so let’s just get a little bit closer discovered ruin and this actually looks like it’s ancient lab so if I get close enough they’ll identify as ancient lab it will tell you how many residents are in there and these labs can be really tricky to actually get the loot out of them but there’s some of the best loot so if you look in here there’s these as security spiders they’re pretty nasty I would not recommend fighting them if you don’t have to if you have a ranged weapon you can kite them pretty well this character does have a ranged weapon but they also have something that’s pretty good against robots they’re not really trained in it though so if you’re going to be trying to clear out a ancient lab make sure you’re coming prepared to either fight these spiders or kind of kite them around so I’m just kind of I’m not going to show you me fighting that I’m just gonna show you where the loot is in this building and show you kind of how you get to it so I actually did not have enough bolts to actually clear out this place so I just ran my character up to the top and then put them in sneak sneak mode and the things attacked me.

But they’re actually not right next to me right now so I can actually loot this room in relative peace and that skeletal spider is gonna be coming around here but they won’t actually come into this room so these different strong boxes are all different and auxes that you can loot I would recommend clicking on these I know it seems like a lot but if you click on them individually you will find ancient science books so we’ve just found three of them right they’re not having to do really any major unlocking anything so the the books that you want usually are actually in these little lock boxes which you’ll need to unlock so I would recommend bringing someone who’s pretty decent too at doing lock picking if you’re going to be going to one of these locations either that or bring a lot of tools to unlock containers for you be careful there’s some containers are really small like that and this right here the small boxes but the safes are usually really good stuff is so that’s safe right here and the ancient safe over there are going to be where the best items are going to be you will occasionally find an AI core in these ancient slabs also ancient science books tend to spawn I don’t think engineering research spawns I think that tends to be more in the the workshops so if we look in there yep there’s not ancient science book right there.

I can’t curious to see if this has anything.


Just left them there from there but I like here so make sure being really thorough and as far as I can tell in the ancient labs all the loot tends to be up in the third floor in this little room like down here this is just like research benches and storage for like certain items so that’s not really worth looting and I’ve literally never found anything worthwhile to loot in the lower floors so you if you’re doing what I’m doing and you just run up here and get taken out I would maybe have some extra robotic legs or maybe weights to your legs heal up so that you can outrun the skeletal spiders because if I try and run out right now.

If these broken legs of mine they’re gonna probably take me down again and this character is essentially stuck or you might be able to distract the skeletons with another person and have them run out of the lab while this person then tries to make their escape there’s a number of different strategies you can do to clear or just sneak your way through an ancient lab oh yeah look at this said six whole ancient science books as well as skeletal repair kits power cores and generator cores I’ve never actually used generative course but I think you need them for some item or to build some stuff for your base all right so let’s go ahead and go to the next place after this maybe a workshop or he lost library all right so.

Hatsune is actually at a loss library right now this location is actually one of the first ruins I cleared out in my my game but because I’ve imported it’s not clear it’s swarming with blood spiders which if you’ve ever fought them they are a real pain to fight so I’m going to try and.

Um what I had done in the past is I had like ten or so of these bolts and just hided them around which is a totally valid strategy I was silly and did not bring that this time so I’m gonna try and see if I can run past them and sneak my way into here now they’re gonna all be chasing after me this is gotta be kind of tricky if I’m gonna see if I can do it.

So yeah it looks like they don’t see me now that I’ve ran around the back of this building so if I’m able to get out here I don’t see any of them immediately right next dose looks like they’re mostly over there oh I’ve seen me not sure do I have to wait a little while — it gets dark they might see me right now yeah it looks like they’re seeing me so they’re running for me no this is not working in a way all right so I managed to get into the last library and the nice thing about this is if you don’t clear out this area you can just shut the door and those blood spiders can’t get in so now I’m actually in here if I hold down alt I can see all the damaged books and parchments and there’s a couple actually actual books which are still intact.

But the nice thing about this place is that there’s actually old maps I’m actually known all the old maps there’s um you sometimes get those like maps of certain locations I don’t think I’m seeing anything right now there’s also the sat metal chest right here that I can see and you want to right-click on anything that you can like there’s um I’ll show you in just a minute but there’s this location which has ancient science books and these things which will give you other locations so if you look at all of these you can right-click on them just like the other thing that I just showed you a minute ago and it adds locations to your map and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what those are and then if you go up here you can right-click on a lot of things that you might not realize you can so there’s obviously these containers which you’re probably familiar with but there’s these um.

This right here displays stands a lot of times people overlook these so they can have books or ancient science books all the time in them so you want to check those out and maps as well so yeah that’s the basic idea but with a lost library they basically show you where other places are and they sometimes have ancient books ancient science books in them as well so you do want to be very thorough and you’re looting these places because it’s easy to miss something let’s go ahead and go to the last one okay so we’re at the ancient post ancient workshop in the northwest part of the map this one is probably one the ones I check out earliest in my playthroughs because it’s unguarded I’ve never seen any hostiles here and it’s not like owned by a faction or anything so that’s pretty nice there’s actually like no residents because there’s other ancient workshops which will have like skeletons whatnot I’ve seen in like the dead lands in our locations these ones are kind of hard to like see where to go there’s not really anything on the ground level you need to run up to or one of these places and then check the actual containers that they have around here so there’s a lot of them which it’s kind of like the other locations where there’s a lot of stuff where it’s not really that useful to you it’s just kind of like what the people were using here when this was their base if we pick the lock on saw these places they’ll have really good items kind of like an ancient armory but they’ll also have engineering research this is the only place I’ve actually found engineering research not in a store so it’s pretty pretty good location to find if you’re trying to get your your base built up but to be honest I I prefer just going through the economy and buying it from those cities that have them early on it’s just so much easier if you’ve got a good industry going to just go there and check it out but these places are pretty cool while they’re working on that I just want to see if there’s any other chests I can see it looks like there’s one over there.

You want to be careful with these benches because sometimes they’ll have like all those small boxes on top yep there’s like a crate there and create there and also small walks are over there so there’s a lot of lootable spots right here look three engineering research that’s as huge ty isn’t great but they’ve got skeletal repair kits they oftentimes have from I’ve seen at least one ranged weapon in them too it’s pretty good I’ve gotten like some master work or specialist level like Rangers and other crossbows Wow for whole engineering research books from this one location I usually don’t get that money yep a masterwork Ranger right there.

It’s huge so yeah these locations are really really nice they’re a little bit more safe in my experience than the other ones but you still want to be careful because the one in the Deadlands I know has like some pretty high level enemies so yeah that’s my tutorial on how to find AI cores ancient science books and engineering research yeah let me know if you’ve got any other questions thank you for joining me this has been orange one.

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