Гайд по шелушильне (или гайд о том, как быстро и легко удалить конечности у персонажей в Kenshi) - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Автор: Orange 01

Description of the video guide «A peeling guide (or a guide on how to quickly and easily remove limbs from characters)»

I forgot to include this in my last video on cybernetics, so I decided to make a whole video on showing how you can get the blueprint and how to use the peeler machine to almost immediately remove all four limbs of your soldiers.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

So I almost forgot there’s one more way to get a to cut off your limbs to get cybernetics and to do that you need to go to one of the creepiest place in the game there are spoilers here by the way so if you don’t want to watch the see any spoilers click away now so if you go down here it’s the skin house HQ and the southeast part of the map it was added in version 1.0 of the game and they have a unique type of armor it’s skin like human skin and the lore explanation is that they use these things called peelers to remove the skin of people these a peeler machines and so you can use that to remove limbs I’m gotta do a little bit research before I do the next part of the video I haven’t really used this before but I’ve heard that you can use this to remove limbs of other NPC’s in the game and I think you might be able to do it on some of your own NPC people as well I’m not sure if it’s in the safe or if it’s on the Skype so I’m going to see exactly where it’s at I couldn’t see anything online that had a super clear guide on how to do this so we’re gonna get super sneaky cuz we’re gonna need to round knock this guy out nope that did not work alright third time’s the charm there we go.

So he’s knocked out now and he right here has the Jesus skeleton human transformation Bible interesting okay we can steal that from him and then when you got on you if you right-click on it it should give you that blueprint orange one may want to leave that location but let’s go ahead and.

Let’s get out of there and we’re gonna go back up to UM loss and build all these things we’ve got tons of space so let’s go ahead and see where it is in the crafting menu I think would be underneath interiors no it’s not their labs oh wow it’s got some things so peeler machine you need one building material let’s get that built actually orange one I’m just gonna send you back here if we get that going someone should bring the materials there we go my guns got it.

We’ve got prisoners but I want to just try it on one of our people I don’t think it’s gonna work on robot let’s see we’ll try it with a meathead I don’t think we can actually put our own people in it so I think you would need to put someone in here remove their limbs and then then recruit them either for the prison prisoner recruitment law mod or or maybe Solomon to slavery so let’s let’s pick up this cloud ninja I’ll put them in the machine and show you how this works so this ninja they already are missing a right leg so meathead why don’t you put them in there and this is pretty messed up by the way you haven’t realized yet but basically put them in here and it starts peeling them I actually keep doing this from wrong angle so it looks to me like they actually have no they have a moss and limbs yet how long does this take I’m a little bit worried to speed things up.


Oh it’s is it destroying the items first I think it’s destroying the items first I’m just gonna quick save and maybe speed it up a little bit alright so I was totally wrong.

You can totally remove limbs of your own people by looks of it so I’ve got one of my people being carried by someone else it looks like I can totally put them in there yep.

I’m sorry bark but uh for science you do not want that gas mask though to get ruined so I’m gonna take that off you know what and let’s just put these items down on the ground so we’ve got poor bark here he’s gonna we’re doing this for science bark your sacrifice is appreciated oh people are actually preventing it from bleeding Oh actually that’s kind of interesting well it’s gonna it’s gonna happen eventually guys at least this way it looks like it’s preventing the bleeding from happening so he should actually I think this is actually better so we can get that it’s gonna get to the point where he’s gotta lose the limbs pretty soon they’re gonna start popping off pretty soon there we go okay um one of you get him out of there and then you can put him down and everyone should just start healing up poor bark I’m sorry about that bark that was pretty brutal so we can totally remove off all of your limbs and oh you can’t even crawl without any limbs I don’t even know that so yeah that’s how you that’s how you make your people have absolutely no limbs so that you can turn them into cybernetic monstrosity thank you for joining me this has been orange one.

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