Гайд по быстрой прокачке Скрытности в Kenshi - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Description of the video guide «Kenshi Stealth Guide»

This is a short tutorial about the fastest way to train stealth in Kenshi. The quickest way to train stealth in Kenshi by far is to run and hide from a big hostile group who is actively looking for you, so stealth away from the largest mobs you can find.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Everybody on this is going to be another super super short video training this is la Jara one of money that one of my ninjas that I’m training out and we take a look at her stats she’s 12 in stealth right now so I want to get her up higher the ninja stats so I’ve got this big calco swordsman behind me I’ve got another one and crown me out law farmers all over the place but the what I’m going to do is I’m just going to try and I’m going to grow all these guys so bahar’s just around you know chasing me thought they were okay all right well it will be soon enough.

Thank you.

So we take a look at our staffs real quick so she’s running at roughly yeah 30 miles an hour.

Look at these guys they’re gonna run about a half 15 miles an hour so I’m just going to get as many of them big ole girl chasing me or we do someone.

What I’m going to do is I’m just gonna necktie and I’m gonna run some them and I’m gonna and I’m gonna hide and you didn’t see how fast her stealth finish it up just like that and then as soon as she.

It doesn’t.

As soon as she gets like found she’s gonna start running full speed again but then until she does she’s gonna see.

But she does run twice as fast as they she’ll start sneaking away and she has all those guys looking for her so her still just training like crazy as soon as you going up Louis because there’s so many eyes like looking for her right now and then as soon as she gets made by you guys you’re messing up my plan violence.

A girl.

Because she she successfully had Oh something.

Somebody normally I would walk the Manhunters to get into a fight with dumpling right now I want all looking for me.

This is definitely the fastest way by far to train up your stuff it was to just hi from big ogre somebody here is hostile to you and looking.

This guy this was.

Guys never have.

But but look at how we get how much her stats whenever so we were at 12 and then she went up by the six levels more cool can handle himself and let’s see AMI yes oh she’s already gone up seven levels just kind of she’s starting to do the narrow to Naruto being like wine you know what there.

Start shooting.

So anyways hope that helps you out that’s the fastest way that I know how to train install to kimchi we can stock market our name these guys.

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