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Автор: Orange 01

Description of the video guide «Kenshi Robotics & Limb Removal Guide»

First part of the video goes over why, when, and how to get cybernetic limbs. Second part show how to remove limb via cannibals, fogmen, acid ground in the black desert, and fighting with strategic healing.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey orange one here so in this video I’m gonna go for cybernetics and how to remove limbs and use cybernetics first of all I’m gonna talk about why and when you should get cybernetics and how you attach them then I’m going to move on how you actually go about losing limbs so that you can get the cybernetics attach them so if you have a character who has missing limbs like beep right here he’s got a missing leg I actually just had his leg get removed by the fog men but if you have a character like that if you click on I and go to inventory and then look at their limbs there’s an empty limb slot he already has a cybernetic left leg which is showing up in a different color here if I wanted to get him another cybernetic limb what I need to do is find someone who sells them so you can find these little huts right here robotic workshops and they can give you really high quality cybernetics which will actually boost your stats from the normal so if we look at Warren’s one here his stats are getting boost a huge amount with this athletics from these Scout legs and so if I actually have him run he moves crazy fast like even while carrying someone he is running was at 42 miles per hour so there’s some cybernetics that really boosts your stats way more than your normal limbs would which can make you a lot more powerful but it also makes it harder to train things if you’ve got like high strength due to its cybernetics it’s gotta make it harder to train that strength but will be good for actually creating like super soldiers how’s it weird sound lower quality helps you actually train so if you want to get some cybernetics you can look at these different quality cybernetics this guy has by talking to him and he’s got all these different quality things some are master work some are specialist some are high and he this guy’s actually a really good one but you can find like shoddy quality ones aren’t that great so if we look here like this is gonna make your see it’s fine a good one give an example mostly they’re swimming penalties so if you want to boost your stealth you could get these like not stealthy legs these like skeleton legs is gonna make you a lot less stealthy but then when you train you’ve got a lower stat so it trains faster so then the next part is when you get seven neck limbs and that really depends on the quality if you look at the prices on these things they’re not cheap like the masterwork ones can be like 20 or I think even more than that so you’re gonna have to have a lot of cats if you want the high quality ones but you can get shoddy ones for like 4k or something like that I think I did that in my let’s play series.

Yeah even this is like only 10k so you can get some pretty cheap ones um I wouldn’t recommend doing it until you’re like mid to late game like you’ve got a squad of like 10 or so people because you’re gonna need to be able to afford the limb and you’re gonna need to be able to maintain the limb so if we look at these limbs they’ve had some damage taken to them and that means they’re gonna be a lot more vulnerable to get these limbs to be healed up what you need to do is either pay for skeletal bed or build one at your own base so you can pay like three K at this place and they’ll heal up your cybernetic limbs which is kind of expensive it adds up pretty quick but it’s kind of nice if you’ve got skeleton limbs or skeletal character.

Alright so the next part is how do you go about actually losing limbs it depends on what you’ve got the game settings for if you’ve got there’s a couple different limb loss settings if you I’m gonna go ahead and go and eggs out of this and show you what I mean by that actually I don’t even need to exit out of the game you can change this in the in the menu so if you click escape and you go to options and you go to game play you can change how often dismemberment happens you got the three different options you got frequent rare and never so never people never lose limbs rare I think it says you have to have the limb get hit and have it go below one hard to lose the limb or that it could get eaten off so and then never or and then frequent is if a limb goes below 100 negative 100 health you’re going to lose that limb which is why I like to play with kind of like to loose limbs as weird as that sounds but you can lose limbs by gang into fights but the most common strategy people seem to talk about is using frogmen and cannibals to lose limbs what I found was that cannibals were very difficult to have it work out well for me I’ll show you what I mean so I’m at a Campbell village right now I’m just gonna dump beep down and then have orange one run away and beeps gonna fight some cannibals I actually want him to go down relatively quickly so I’m actually gonna even take his weapon away and orange one I’m just gonna hang back because orange one is going to hopefully rescue beep before things go too bad for him so beeps get into a fight over there essentially what used to happen in the game is that when cannibals took you out they would then capture you and put you in a Cell or on a spike and then they would eat you alive and you’d lose limbs what I found though is that recently winds up happening is that they just kill you in the cage I don’t know if that’s a change in how cannibalism works in the game or not but basically beep is a prisoner right now he’s on a spike and he can try it and when he gets conscious again he can try and pick his way out which I would definitely recommend seeing how you want to try getting out of here so you can lockpick this and then when you’re ready to escape try and escape but if this goes anything like it did for me before he’s actually just gonna get eight alive I might make it cut here to that point when you get starts to get eight alive alright so it started happening it took a couple minutes for this guy to come over but he’s trying to kill us and so he’s just attacking us like and it’s random what limits hitting so in theory this could make you lose one limb but look he are what was our chest so many times that beep just died so I know it’s like an affront to like the kenchi community and me just like beep die don’t worry I will reload that’s the one time that you can reload right so cannibals they can knock off a limb but it’s a total gamble and they’re very likely to kill you in the process the next strategy that a lot of people talk about is fog men that still works so show you what I mean by that all right so I just loaded up I’m right by a group of fog men they’ve got a little village right here so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna send beep in and orange ones just going.

Hanging back again and wait for them to people of the dead hype huh didn’t know they are known as that I just thought they’re called frogmen so people get beat up and we’ll see what it’s very similar process but these guys instead of just killing you the when they what they do is they’ll put you on a spike and then a fog when heavy or fog man prince will come and those will eat you so all of them should pick us up yep there’s on the spike and he’s crippled he’s actually not even that badly hurt I’m his legs kind of hurt but what I can do is what I’m gonna want to do is pick this lock as soon as possible hopefully I can get that done before the fog men heavy comes it’s pretty cool ends up happening so I’ll show you that in just a minute this is way safer because as here we go ends up happening is the attack one limb they don’t just attack like your head or your stomach or your chest and so it’ll take like a limb off I can escape at any point but what happened there is that I’ve lost a leg I’ve got significant blood loss but what I could do is I could just wait for them to take like a second limb off now I’m gonna run orange one over here maybe I’ll wait a minute just let them take that other limb off really quick it’s pretty much there there we go okay now beep is losing limps pretty quickly just run in there this beeps gonna die relatively soon so pick him up you’re gonna want someone pretty quick for this if you’re gonna do it this way you can also fight your way out like you can have your squad in the distance and fight them but I just prefer to be sneaky and you could do two limbs you shouldn’t do more than two limbs you can just do one limb at a time and that should work out okay but beep is um he’s got a lot of blood loss so he’s dying at this point we still have fog men around us so we want to get away from the fog men you can go for quite a ways negative though so he should be should be able to survive maybe we’ll just pause for a minute orange one and do some first aid on him just to stop that bleeding cuz that’s pretty bad and we’re okay so beat just got lost two limbs and it says that he’s dying but he seems to be fine now so orange one at this point could go to a mongrel and go get him some cybernetic limbs so that’s a really good strategy for losing limbs and kind of gamy but you know you’ve got a pretty high chance of death so I don’t think it’s too exploitative but it’s very much worth it if you’ve got the cats and you can afford some cybernetic limbs I just got two new cybernetic slots for beep he’s like one step closer to being cyber beep but there’s other ways there are safer in my mind so I’m going to show you those those methods as well so some biomes like the black desert have acidic soil on them which can hurt some characters feet but not others so hep right here you can’t wear shoes and he’s actually fine in this environment but Spade if I take off their shoes should start complaining about the the ground burning their feet as you can see their feet are slightly hurt this is gonna take a long time for the feets to fall off but you could imagine that this is a very reliable way of getting cybernetic legs so you just stand here and it’s kind of take some time but there’s no chance of being ate alive as soon as the limbs come off you can run them in and get them healed up so I think a little bit more of a Gainey strategy but it works pretty nicely to get you at least cybernetic legs but of course it won’t work for arms so that’s one other strategy and then there’s one other one that’s really really safe and it’s super gaining though what you can do is that you can get into fights get your limbs damaged but um not heal them so these two people they have not got medics jobs set up so why I need to do is just get into a fight with like just about anyone so maybe I’ll make it cut to the point where I find something here we go I don’t think I really need to make a cut there so we got a skimmer what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to send Spade out if you’re gonna just hang back for a minute and spade you’re gonna get into the fight with this thing now this could end with like your character dying if you haven’t got good head protection or a chest or stomach protection as you can see they’ve on hid in the arms quite a few times here given enough attacks eventually you’ll get where the point where you’re losing a fair amount of health I mean they could just lose the limb but what’s gonna most likely gonna happen is she’s going to get knocked out and be bleeding kind of bad so if we look at Spade yeah their left arm at this point will eventually fall off if we don’t give them any medical attention so I’m gonna see if I can sneak around that skimmer and just heal her up and show you what I mean I think that skimmer actually isn’t gonna see us if we just go sneak now so I’m going to just manually tell him to do first aid and then as soon as they’ve taken care of their a head and stomach not heal them up anymore you also wanted to have like a safe place to just rest up so you can carry them to like another city or somewhere else that you know they’ll be safe at just speed this up just a little bit Oh actually did you run out of your first aid kit oh you did huh okay well why don’t we give hep to the rest of that first aid kit seeing how spades not gonna be using it anyways well you just heal up that stomach just a little bit more and then you can stop so at this point have I’m just gotta be sneaky and you can you can just hang out in the desert when it’s losing this much blood it’s going to come off relatively quick but why sometimes do is I’ll do this near City and have like a safe house and just run them into the safehouse and they’ll lose the limb inside the safe house but this is we’re close enough to our base where I think we can do this safely in the desert we’ll just wait a minute until that limb comes off it’s only gotta be like ten or so seconds this to me is the safest and most reliable way of losing limbs at least with the arms the black desert city I think is safer our black desert if you use that strategy that works out pretty well too but it only works for feet and it does take a little bit longer because you got to go all the way into the negative so yeah this is my essentially how I I get cybernetic limbs spayed you’re about to lose your arm are you really gonna do this.

You could you could die I wouldn’t push your luck in this situation yeah you’re about to lose that arm I have both of you get sneaky from me and things about to pop off this is actually pretty silly what ends up happening farts they get to the negative 100 well there we go just popped off don’t ask too many questions so yeah that’s how you lose limbs but you got you want to have some clothes or at least have them have a first-aid kit so you can stop that bleeding because when you lose a limb it’s gotta bleed a lot as you can see you can if you get knocked out from blood loss you’re gonna be down for a while so you want to have them somewhere relatively safe not just getting attacked by skimmers so yeah that’s my guide on cybernetics how to remove limbs and why you might want to get cybernetics thank you for joining me this has been orange what.

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