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Description of the video guide «Kensh newbie guide — where to start, how to play?»

Welcome to my Begginer Guide for Kenshi! This series is meant for new players who don’t know where to start in Kenshi and just need a simple direction to go in. So that once they get a good start through these videos they can start having fun doing what they want instead of wondering about things like money, squadmates, building, towns, stealing and the other basic things every player needs to know how to do in order to thrive in Kenshi. The stuff I teach here is by no means the best way, so take what I teach here and do what you think is best.

In this video I go over the basic things you need to do in order to make quick cash, recruit your first squadmates, and find a building to start your research. Including town info and how to level up athletics which you will need a lot of if you are to survive in Kenshi. I then show how to automate copper production so that your generating cash without having to think to much about it. After you follow this video you should be able to start making money and build your squad so you can get established. Thanks so much for watching!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

My name is valera and in this video i’m going to be sharing my perspective and suggestions on kenji from a beginner perspective the first thing you got to know about Kenzi from beginner perspective is that kenchi is not easy if you are into instant gratification and don’t like to work a lot for every bit you have at least in the beginning you will not like kenji also prepare to reload your game a lot I suggest quick saving by pressing f5 and quick loading by pressing f9 also creating regular saves in between I’ll talk more about this in part two however if you are willing to work hard towards a tangible goal and be rewarded greatly for doing so then kaanchi is for you I started with the default wanderer scenario I suggest you keep it simple and start the game on default settings and the wanderer scenario you can always start a new game later once you have enough information to know what you are doing by the way.

What I suggest here is by no means the absolute best way to do things it is just the best way that I have found so far after you picked the wander scenario I strongly suggest making your first character human if you don’t you will have to recruit and feed a human character later and that’s expensive at this point in the game the wanderer scenario puts you naked and afraid in the destroyed town called the hub this town right here as you can see this is a really crappy town but it is a town and it does have a bar to sell items and buy food it also has walls bars like this one right here and that one over there I suggest the first thing you do is find a copper ore node and start mining it there are two nearby the hub there is a bar right outside of the hub walls so it is easy to find there is a copper node right next to it where you can run back and forth selling copper to the bartender so this bar right here as you can see right over here this is a copper resource so this over here is a bar you want to mined resources here and take them to this bar or the bar in town this bar is closer so I would do this one at least until the bartender runs out of money.

You can go to the other bar so run back and forth and sell copper to the bartender while mining that copper eventually you will be attacked by bandits if this happens just run into the bar up to the roof the NPC’s in there will knock out and/or kill the bandits go back to mining copper repeat this process until you buy enough food to travel or you can skip this process and try your luck with the thousand cats or see the in-game currency and you can see how many cats you have by looking down here at the bottom right corner of your screen where where my mouse is it says money see 21,000 now I’m further in the game you’ll start with money see 1000 it’ll say that here when you start out I suggest buying dried meat from the bar it’s the cheapest thing you can buy at the bar that you can actually eat remember green fruit isn’t edible it’s just used to make food which you can’t do yet if your hunger is really low I suggest dried fish it’s more expensive but not much more and will get you back up to 200 hunger so as long as this hunger meter is above 200 you’re not going to be hungry and you’re not gonna take a stats loss if it goes below 200 you’ll take a stats loss and if your hunger meter goes low enough you’ll die so hunger is a huge driving factor in this game at least in the beginning any other food you can buy is way too expensive right now and I wouldn’t recommend it when you have enough food and some cats head south of the hub and slightly west until squid a town pops up on your map right here start traveling there the most effective way to do this is to just right-click on the map like right here okay and try to right-click in the middle of the town not on the gate sides now I have a mod that shows me all the roads in the game and like so when I cross this border it’ll say swamps when I cross from the swamp into this area here it’ll say border zone so right now we’re in the border zone I would suggest the mod nice map zones and roads at the very least that should be a good start for you to get familiar with the actual map of the game because the vanilla map doesn’t really make things clear it’s just you know it’s it’s a lot of guesswork if you just used a bit a little map but anyway you can still this the same rules still applied to the vanilla map you need to go down here to squint and this is what the town of squint looks like in squid there are two bars one with a bed sign and one with a bar sign so this is the one with the bed sign and this right here is the bar sign so they’re both bars but they have different signs one of these bars will have an npc named Ruka this chick right here talk to her until she agrees to join your group you will want to save first before you talk to her so if you choose the wrong dialogue you can reload the game and try again remember you’re gonna be reloading a lot this game is just like that a lot of bad things can and do happen.

Gratz you have your first squad mate you will see Ruka down here down at the bottom so you see ruckus right here now I have like seven squad mates but don’t pay attention that you’re only gonna you know you only have two so imagine that these right here we’re here and it was just.

Ruka and your main character now that you have two characters in your squad go to the copper node right outside the gate right here so see the gate right there now you’re gonna go on the side of the gate that has this intersection right here and the corner of this intersection is where the copper note is so it’s right outside the gate okay it’s the gate located next to the bar with the bed symbol right here mind this in the same way you did with the node at the bar in the hub with both Ruka and your character running to the gate guards and past the gate when you get attacked these gate guards right here right so at the gate you have these guards and these guards will attack any bandits that try to come into the town so the procedure is the bandits attack you you pause the game by pressing spacebar you immediately select all your squadmates that are being attacked that are near the bandits and you right click about right here on the other side of town that way stray bandits that do make it pass the gate past the guards because there’s only so many here won’t continue to attack you because as as can see here there are more guards and they will attack the bandits as well so they’ll protect you from any bandit attacks having two workers on a node is far faster than just you you will now generate money faster make sure you buy a wooden backpack from the Travel Store and squint right here it’s gonna be on the opposite side from where you do your mining operation it’s on the opposite side of town from that it’s in a tower with this walking man symbol right here talk to the merchants and buy a wooden backpack once you have three thousand cats head back to the bars and recruit another squad mate now that you have three in your squad you can mine the small copper resource near the main copper node you’ve been mining let me show you where it is so you have the main copper node that you’ve been working this whole time but you have a small copper node over here now the difference between a small copper node and a regular copper node is the regular copper node can have two people on it but this small copper resource here only supports one worker you can only put one worker on it if you try to put two on it one of them will just stand there and do nothing.

Next I suggest training athletic skill on your squad squinting is great because it’s a long narrow city where you can visually see and click on one gate to the other let me show you so I have this character named Foom in here so as you can see here you can see across to the opposite gate on the opposite side of town this is a pretty long distance and it’s perfect for running your characters back and forth here when you start the game you pretty much don’t have any athletic skill and you’re pretty slow most groups can run you down but your athletic skill does get hired very quickly depending on how much you’ve been running squid is a beautiful way to level up your athletics without the risk of being attacked so you can visually see one getting the other so I can select him right click on the opposite stairs right here okay he runs all the way over there to that stairs as you can see here and then I simply right-click here and he runs all the way back you can select all squad mates at once or do one at a time while the other to mine and you select them by shift-clicking each portrait like this now if I were to tell them to move somewhere they would all move together to the same point also another thing you can do is when you have multiple squad mates let me get another guy over here so I have these two selected and I’m gonna run them and watch what happens see one of them is outpacing the other and going faster now if you go to the bottom right here and you click this arrow right here you see the running symbol and then the two people simple click through until you get this symbol here the running people’s symbol whatever squad mates you have selected when you have this selected as well and you right-click somewhere they will run at the same speed and they will not outpace each other it will not run ahead of each other they will stick together which is really important and really cool so I encourage you to use this while leveling up your athletic skill so you just keep right-clicking back and forth back and forth back and forth and you’re gonna want to do this for a while until their athletics levels up now you can look at their eleventh lenox right here while they’re running or you can go to statistics and look at it here right over here.

Athletics while you’re doing this in case you didn’t see me do it already you want to put it on fast the three arrow button right here that my cursors on you want to click this while you’re running back and forth because it takes a long time to level up the athletic skill you’re gonna be using this a lot for boring humdrum like waiting for you know them to run back and forth cross town to give level up their athletic skill sneaking around level up your still skill just things like that I strongly suggest if you level one at a time that you train your human character first they will need to travel in dangerous territory soon put the speed on fast to run back and forth between the gates until you have an athletic skill of at least 20 for each squad mate 30 on the human character is up to you know this house next to the bar that you keep seeing all the stuff in that’s open and my characters keep running back and forth in between it you want to save 7,000 cats are more to buy the long house and squid closest to the copper nodes you have been mining so this is this is the long house that I bought it’s right next to the the bar with the bed symbol so you don’t want to buy a long house like over here or something that’s not the closest one to the copper resource and why would you want to run farther in between that that adds up so you want it as close to the copper resource as possible and this is the closest one that you can buy that’s that’s cheapish once you buy the longhouse gather about 24 building material the weigh station south west of squid is a great source of building material so this is the weigh station right here you can just right-click on it on the map and they’ll go there however if you haven’t discovered it yet it should pop up when you get to squint but if it doesn’t just go south west of squid until it pops up for you now make sure you’re zoomed in a little bit if you’re zoomed out too far the little stuff won’t show up things like the village high village Waystation notice how they all disappear if i zoom out too much so make sure you’re zoomed in enough to see these things it has a shop next to the bar that sells building material as well as many other building items such as iron plates which you will also eventually need a lot of so keep that in mind then build the longhouse using the material you bought the material only costs around 100 cats so you will need around 2400 cats or more to complete the house so keep mining recruit another three thousand cats squadmate if you find a medic for six thousand cats recruit them as well but this is optional take your main character off mining copper and have the new three thousand cat recruit mine in their place I’ll explain why later once you build the longhouse build a research bench in the longhouse so you want to go to the build option go to tech now I have more benches research but you start out with only small research bench available.

To build so you want to click on that once you click on that your cursor will have the research bits on there you can place it anywhere in the longhouse now one of the mistakes I made is that I made the research bench right here I don’t recommend you do that instead put it over here or something like like underneath the stairs or whatever you could do that that’s a good place for it most things don’t even fit in there but this research bench does left-click and it places it make sure you hit confirm or it won’t place the building once you place it and confirm it turns into a wire mesh and you just right click on it and click build and as long as you have the materials they’ll add the materials and then you click build again and it’ll start building it and that goes for the longhouse as well now once you get the research bench bill you want to research storage or you may need to research general storage first just research that regardless unless you already see storage or available to research after you research storage or build an ore chest and you want to do storage or okay this guy right here he looks like this when you build it I would place it next to the door once you place it you can now assign your characters to mine copper as a job so I have mirror here if I shift right click the copper resource or I can shift old right-click and click use like I demonstrate here you’ll see this little tab right here it says operating machine copper resource okay this should be lit up if jobs is deselected it will become gray which means they’re not doing it so make sure you have job selected now if you need to run away make sure you deselect jobs so you can run to the gate guards if you get attacked if you have jobs lit up and you try to run away they’ll keep trying to run back to the copper node to mine it okay so just be aware of that you need to turn jobs off before you run away so make sure you’re using the pause button religiously once you do this your characters will mine automatically for you bringing copper ore to the or chests you bill automatically so let me show you what’s in store for you what you get this set up right so I go to this or chest right here left click it to see what’s in it and this thing pops up I’ve got 20 already at one time I had a hundred and this will add up really quickly if you’re doing other things and you’re not really paying attention to it this thing will fill up really fast before you know you’ll have like ten thousand cats worth of or that’s really important congratulations you now have passive money generation all you have to do is every once in a while sell your order to the weapons merchants across the street who carries around twenty five thousand cats so this guy right here you see it says weapon shop right here when you click on the building by the way I recommend using the wooden backpack you got earlier to do this any other backpack won’t stack items so you would take a lot more time to sell the or then if you could just move all the or in one trip in case you don’t know what the backpack looks like at the travel gear store it looks like this it’s a wooden backpack I’m I mentioned it before so yeah make sure you have one of these things it’s it’s just a must-have just make sure you keep an eye on your bottom screen with your squadmates portraits in case they are attacked while mining your miners won’t get attacked very often especially if you have the passive and block for each of your miners on so you go to your character’s Soto in this case Soto and mirror are my miners you go to each one of them and you make sure block and passive is lit up here I’m where my cursor is and you want to do that for every person you have out there mining if not stuff will I grow them a lot more often if they are attacked they will show up flashing red solid bread or have red stripes across the portrait background remember to run to and pass the gate guards if this happens by this point you should be sick of mining all these resources just to spend half of what you earn from it on food so it’s time to send a human character a way to be a thief if you start with a human character use them otherwise you will have to go to the hub and try to recruit them they’re stealing food at this point becomes.

A necessity because paying for it just isn’t sustainable also when the character has a high enough sneak skill it’s another great source of income in addition to mining take your main character to the town called stack north of squid so you have squid here stack is above the hub up here this area is somewhat dangerous so make sure you have plenty of athletic skill to outrun bandits why steal here well I found that even if I stole items from the town I live in.

That I would need to sell these stolen items somewhere else because the chances of getting caught selling stolen items in the same town faction or shop are very high.

Also there is so many more shops and bars in stack than there are in squid and stack has a lot more food also guards and squid makes smuggling checks seemingly a lot more often than the guards and stack do so basically don’t where you eat but if stealing and squid isn’t a problem for you by all means a lot of this game is just doing what you want and trying out new things so you don’t have to do everything exactly the way I say here like I said this is just what I learned my experience may not be your experience again I’m just sharing what I did at no time am I saying that my way is the best way or the most optimal again this is about what I learned and giving you a start that will get you past the what the hell do I do phase of this game I don’t know about you but I’d rather get on my feet first and then decide what the hell I want to do in the game especially when I’m more informed about the basics of the game than just sitting there aimlessly scratching my head in the next video I’m gonna show you what I learned about stealth sneaking stealing and lock picking I have a twitch channel come pay me a visit and say hello links in the description of course if you liked this video consider subscribing to my channel thanks and I’ll see you next time.

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