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Автор: Terminarch

Description of the video guide «Another new way to train (level) skills in Kenshi»

New training method I found during testing. It’s a bit cheesy, but so is the leading training method at the time. Try this with martial arts for stupid fast training!

They reset on game load — Sorry I forgot to mention that, but you can re-recruit them by talking and do the trick again.

When I call.

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Well hello just a quick office quick update here I was doing some testing for my attack skill video and it’s apology just right up front just taking one unexpected because the numbers down here do not line up with the numbers and forgotten construction set which is not what I expected so I’m having to actually you know let my characters Duke it out and count how many hits are blocked and how I’m gonna get through which is more complicated than it sounds there are more difficult things than just a hit or not hit but I accidentally came across what basically amounts to the best training strategy in the game so this right here paste was actually my character with exact copy of Hugh here comments that’s in the 40s you have a falling Sun which I’m using because it has no stat bonuses or stat penalties so whatever I set them to is what they have and also it no it’s heavy so it’s slow it’s easy for me to keep track of you don’t have to worry about them using one block so and switching to another block zone half way through which so what that actually means we’ll get to in the next video and then I have storm goggles because I’m in a dust storm right now so just carry lows bounties make sure everything is starting as normal I know penalties on the clothes everything nice and simple but you may have noticed that haste has not attacked this entire time what I did was I set paste to block before dismissing her from my party and now she’s stuck in right here the defensive state so preservation defensive state that’s exactly what it sounds like she’s just going to stand there and block forever you can see the +20 foster defense like he normally does being a block mom why that’s important is because if you do the typical training strategy of knocking out a bandit throwing him in a shack somewhere and just beating him up with your guys giving a really good armor a really crappy weapon saying for yourself and then you just fight them like it’s knocked out thrown in a cage wait till he heals do it again you can still get hurt you can still get knocked out and when you go and you get better opponents say a high Inquisitor and you’re trying to Train off of this guy well if you knocks you out you could be screwed you need to have someone who can jump in there and take them out so you can at least heal that is no longer an issue the penalty for that is that you have to give up on your own recruits it doesn’t have to be a good recruit though as you can still beat that person up finish them up wait till they heal whatever and he won’t be training defense or toughness but you have unlimited attack strength dexterity and weapon skill exp with absolutely no risk all you have to do is keep this person fed and then now and then kill your training partner now they’re gonna get really good at blocking and they’re gonna get really hard to take down.

Come on that toughness XP that’s fine is they’re never gonna fight back as long as you’re not duking out in the open like I am where things can come out and attack you it doesn’t matter I’ve just let this one go for two or three days I’ve gone from forty attack to fifty five forty strength 57:40 decks to fifty and 40 heavy weapons skill 254 I’ve never been hit once so that’s just something I thought you guys would find interesting is it cheesy yes it is very cheesy is it worth it that’s up to you that’s like I said unscripted just something I thought was interesting and a little update for you guys too I am still working on it if I can’t get it done this weekend then I’ll have another video out for you there’s one way or another there will be content this weekend and I’ll be streaming as well today actually so thank you all for watching let me know if you think this is a little bit too easy it is it is ridiculous but I mean you’re fighting against 74 defense here so anyway I’m just rambling have a good time and see you guys soon this is Tom when I call.

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