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Description of the video guide «Kenshi Martial Tips — Racks, Crossbows, Martial Arts, Martial Killers, and Turrets»

This video intended to be a continuation on my previous combat tips video. I go over the hold, ranged, and taunt in combat and show how to use them. I also show off how to position a crossbow user and a martial arts user for maximum effect. Near the end I show how to build a crossbow turret anywhere and how to assign someone to use it. I also show off how powerful it can be to bring an assassin to a fight.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey orange one here so in this video I want to go over some more advanced combat techniques brief overview I’m gonna go over some of the different stances that you can take as well as using crossbows and martial arts and also combat assassins so to get started off these different stances they give you a pretty good description of what they do but you you want to be kind of careful with some of them so for example passive you can use to make sure someone stays out of a fight so if you want to minimize who is getting into a fight you can use that but like hold is really really useful if you have someone with a crossbow so I’ve got a character right here who has a crossbow equip and they’ve got bolts in their inventory and so what I want them to do is hold their position and use ranged attacks so I’m going to end up actually attacking these people that over here it’s probably not going to go very well.


Basically what I want to do is get my combat person up on a hill and have them attack.

And this is actually a really good spot for me because we’re higher up and so we should be able to actually attack them from over here and see now they’re starting to come over what we can do is we can have someone get on a taunt stance so they’re going to attack this person.

So you see like these these guys all are going for bland sides let’s get you on this this person.

So because Bland’s taunting they’re more likely to attract the attention of other people.

And Hatsune what I want to do is not be like firing on this guy right now because he Hatsune is gonna hit someone so what you want to do with your crossbow users is get them so there’s no one between you and the enemy and what just for the purposes of this video I’m going to tell these guys to which is block.

So you should all be on blocking right now.

That way this person we’re not actually going to attack them we can see the crossbow attack see that that attack right there is hitting them pretty consistently but if I move myself around here get there to be some of our allies in the way we may hit our allies when we’re shooting oh well actually looks like we were able to shoot them just fine so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m going to actually send dirt who’s got a really high defense skill because they’re blocking um were you the one that I was having tanto as is bland let’s have dirt be taunting send you in.

So here.


Then everyone else I’m gonna actually take off of blocking and that’s who’s doing the flying kick nice.

Hikmah who’s super powerful I think dirt is going to attract people’s attention because there you.

Tonton but they also block on so they’re going to be able to block most attacks coming their way.

Sooni is as a martial artist not going to be doing a great job which polka actually um blocking so what we can do is we can tell them to go around here to someone who’s already engaged in a fight or I guess this person is attacking at SUNY okay never mind is not going well for that’s soon a martial arts can be really good I just want to show you how much damage it can do see like twenty nine that’s that’s better than what the other weapons are doing.

30:38 that’s like pretty serious damage against someone in samurai gear but you do not want to be charging in with your martial artist you want to be using them when someone else is engaged.

Mostly because individually darcel they solve the whole command in the ranged attack.

Individually martial arts is it’s okay but where really shines is when someone’s distracted I think they just did 51 damage with that hit especially on opponents they have armor it holds it pretty well because it counts as like blunt they just did 5442 like you can see that martial arts is is really really useful the one problem is that you’ll get locked in a dodge cycle and they can’t block so they get hit a lot so if if I just leave them up front like that their guy get beat up pretty bad but if I bring them around here and we’re behind some people it works out much much better.

I think that we’re just getting cab over hand alright right now um.

Gee this is not working great for us so what we can do is I don’t think I have anyone super Sneaky or an assassin with us as soon as like somewhat of an assassin what you can do in the middle of a fight this is cab Trixie but what you can do is you can go behind someone you can go into sneak mode.

And you can attempt to assassinate them so.

These guys it’s showing up 0% but we don’t actually have 0% chance of a bit um bailing.

Maybe I’ll do that in a new combat because we’re just kinda at this point so over and we can’t sneak up on anyone so there’s one other strategy that I wanted to show you before we um did the assassin and that’s it’s kind of it I don’t know if it’s an exploit but it’s a strategy that a lot of people use is they’ll use mounted crossbows in the field so you can build these anywhere as long as it’s not too close to city so we’re gonna have everyone go over here and work on building this and then we’re going to get in a fight with a group it’s just up there you can do this pretty close to outpost as well think hatsune a has some building materials we’re just going to build that up really quick.

Everyone help out with that you know great this groups coming up close to us so we can attack them pretty soon by the time this is done they should be not too far from us so you can get this set up and these reception does help with these crossroads as well so we’re going to attack these guys in just a minute but I’m actually going to put my assassin on the other edge of them so that we can show off the combat assassin at the same time so.

Today I want you actually using this now.

Hatsune I’m gonna actually hold down shift and click on her to unselect her everyone else we’re going to actually attack these guys.

They should use the crossbow to attack them.

Yeah there we go and then Jim bad while they’re getting into that fight you’re gonna sneak up on a couple of these guys it’s nice because it’s night so this should work out really nicely kind of run towards the fight near the edge these guys are facing away from me so I’ve got no issue with knocking them out so I can just it really helps out you can just take out like the toughest enemies if you’ve got a good assassin this works out really nicely as you can see we’re doing a ton of damage to these guys and we’re knocking them out the one problem with this is that people that go down it they don’t go down that long and they’re not hurt so this only takes people out of the fight it doesn’t actually.

Stop them from getting back up by doing that we were able to knock out a ton of these guys and hats Ernie I believe is going to continue Manning the turret.

Yep I think that was just a turret shot burn this this.

Assassin works out super nicely if you can just sneak around behind people and ideally at night but you can do this that day just need to stay behind people right now it looks like somebody can see Jim bad but everyone went down there that’s how you use the amount of Crossville as well as a combat assassin and if we look here most people are either playing dead or down I think I just want to see if there is anyone that we knocked out that we can look at right now I think a lot of these guys we knocked out so they’re going to get back on up pretty soon.

There’s one more thing and that was the martial arts attacks so I’m just actually going to send hatsune over here to attack these guys just all by himself so you can see a couple of their different attacks and there’s one other thing I want to show you I mean you guys are passive the one big drawback with martial arts for me is that it doesn’t knock people out for that long did you see that a high of 47 damage so if someone’s not got armor.

That’s like I don’t know one of the biggest amounts of damage I’ve seen in the game.

And you can get like double hits with that as well so if we look at these guys they’re only knocked out for one uh 180 or so.

And these guys have pretty bad toughness so it’s gonna take them a while to get back up if you do manage to do that much damage it doesn’t like kill them but if it doesn’t instantly kill them they’ve got a good chance of getting back up during a fight so you do want to be careful with that.

So yeah that’s uh that’s about it for my advanced combat tutorial thank you for joining me this is Ben orange one.

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