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Description of the video guide «7 Great Tips to Improve Your Kenshi Game — Game Tips and Tricks»

In this Tips & Tricks strategy video, I teach you 7 of the best strategies I’ve used to succeed in Kenshi in 2019! If you have any tips you want to share, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below! Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome everybody I’m Madrid and these are seven great tips to improve at Kem she won turrets get range accuracy and damage bonuses based on their height above the target because of this is often a good idea to build your village on a hill and put turrets on top of tall buildings in the base itself the height will not only help you shoot over your walls and awkward angles but it will deal in same damage to enemies before they ever get to you to heavily use the job system to improve productivity in your village by shift-clicking on different buildings and objects you can make a list of things your squad will do even when they’re not given any direct commands that’s pretty common knowledge but there’s a few jobs that are very useful yet might be a bit harder to discover that they’re in the game if you shift-click on a wounded person you can set someone as a medic an incredibly useful job that tells them to always heal someone on your squad that’s hurt as long as the medic themselves aren’t in combat this is also always active even if you have jobs turned off for them as long as they have the job on their list another great one is setting people to auto hull things across the base to fill a container you could do that by shift-clicking either a container for something or doing a held shift-click on an object that requires something this puts less burden on whoever is creating the resource and also easily builds athletics by having someone be nearly constantly running three build robust defenses in your village with multiple gates agate by itself isn’t gonna hold off a bandit raid for very long and turrets take a while to reload by having both an outer and inner gate you can buy yourself tons of time to take shots to soften them up before they get to you you can also intentionally open the outer gate before breaks just to close it behind them so they have a harder time running away when you win the fight for run people back and forth while having overloaded inventories and carrying someone to build up strength quickly build two storage crates for building materials in your base about half a zoomed-out screen away from each other enough that you can right-click one left click the other and then drag items between the two shift-drag all the building materials into one of them then shift drag them onto the ground next load up a recruit with a nearly full inventory of heavy items like raw iron have them carry somebody and shift-click on the distant storage container the recruit will slowly hobble back and forth for days while building up their strength incredibly quickly with very little setup on your part because they can only carry one of those building materials at a time number five make a training dojo with captured bandits to train up new recruits by imprisoning a bandit or two in a house and feeding them you can easily train your recruits in toughness weapons skill and defense by having them fight in a controlled environment just be sure to set the other villagers who are nearby to passive so they don’t join in and ruin the fights also locked the door if the bandit is smart they’ll try to run away six steal food early in the game to save on money by stealing things that aren’t in containers you can easily build up your thievery skill without any risks so long as you’re stealth in the room where no one can see you normally when you steal out of a container there’s a percent chance that you’ll get caught even if nobody’s in the room based on your thievery skill however this doesn’t apply to items on the ground.

This makes stealing food left on the upper floors of buildings where there is usually less people a very safe way of gathering food if you want a cheesy way of gaining skill you can always steal something drop it on the floor and reseal it over and over although it’s really boring and kind of artificial in fairness though is it really all that much better than save scumming with stealing things that have containers because that’s usually the other thing people do 7 explore to find lots of opportunities the map of Ken she is absolutely chock-full of locations brimming with loot to help you move up in the world from ancient science books to easy to find higher quality weapons not only that but as you explore you’ll often stumble across opportunities like a bunch of bandits dying to animals vegan loot once the coast is clear it might be safe to always stay next to a major city but you’ll find a lot more opportunities to advance and enjoy the depth of the game if you travel the whole map if you want to watch Kensie gameplay and.

Action I’ll have a playlist on screen as well as in the description of my current playthrough in streaming series oven let me know in the comments if you have any tips that you’d like to share as I’d love to have more feedback thank you very much for watching and until next time have a nice day.

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