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Description of the video guide «Careers in City Car Driving, how to open a minibus?»

Прохождение карьеры в игре Сити Кар Драйвинг, на транспортных средствах игры: ВАЗ 2106, УАЗ Патриот, ВАЗ 2110 и многое другое.

В этом видео я буду открывать машину «Микроавтобус»! Также я буду тестировать, и перевозить пассажиров на микроавтобусе.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello everyone today in this video I want show you how I’ll open the car minibus in order to open it and you have to go through a few tasks and I noticed there was a mistake in my name instead of a letter to her I wrote kukuya and here recently to bother the social network tick talk and there was such was such video that but the type of.

Why exactly are they and well basically me I agree and let’s fix it while I’m at it the leader didn’t go too far for that that in order to create a new profile and we click the profile button here we are write the name of another so opened the console well here is now through bukovka and here can be even.

To copy, select a profile for copy settings here is I so understand only configure and will be as aborted Yes of course the Russian Federation so there is on copied only but it’s set up you can delete the profile but so now the name is spelled correctly now let’s go through what I need open the car here the car will become available after receiving 88 points achievements 8 points achievements where are these glasses I made something not understood I always opened machine when passage of a career there are still 16 points Volga well it’s probably probably can be can be and on transportation mattress to do but I’m going through a career today and I I can choose.

The cars I’m going to eat this in life in principle the most normal machine in this game then of course six why because she has a good dashboard and on enough it’s fine but I played in this car before and she already get back a little fed up let’s take something of their own chic for example let’s take the UAZ patriot UAZ patriot check black the colors on the automatic box were update and here I added automatic check point here I’ll take on training this have uazika I need to see what the mood is very very cool did not forget all-wheel drive 4 downshift 3 well that’s right with clutch perhaps okay let us wound up guys here confusion any I I remove first all wheel drive and therefore what’s the downshift full full the drive after the downshift is no longer it works the same panjika Yes, then we have Jorge de collar no problem with handbrake then press the brake and put the car in gear let’s see what he says on automatic.

Now he will say switch they just slow down.

Let’s turn on the spike does not turn on no frames.

No on braking that I can’t on the go include not all wheel drive do not lower the q well he didn’t see me coming on on slot machine night already have us here and here is only on braking is included downshift and I want test.

If they are here this menu is not available I got it I got it I’ll hear you and thank you.

Teach Parking tickets well almost normal almost normal he shows but there’s still a joint guys here when I started this task he asked me first to remove the handbrake and then turn on the transmission this wrong need to first include transfer.

And then to remove from a handbrake now not I understand that it is not executed why nothing not gave I not understood perhaps there didn’t do something let’s try it again the engine does not turns off so don’t give a star we’re after the key no it’s not working does not work now, I’ll walk on mechanics will try but there’s just SUV for some reason they are not working not worked up to you first thing before is it necessary to fasten belt.

It’s I agree I agree left turn signal: remove the car from the handbrake does not agree not at all I agree first we turn on the transmission a then we remove the handbrake I hope it works out here now man I’ve already turned on neutral and finally his has passed UAZ patriot failed..

Well let’s just go snake and snake this is such a small task that is necessary miniature machine small machine need a under under a snake or here on my there is one such car here is she world but let us this solid color one black black black.

I don’t need a hand box or anything I’ll put the machine on this little car is on no problem at all there will be no great neatness confidently taxiing and snake ok let’s go through a u turn and so reversal, too,, too, need a a small it’s small but I think there’s more machine let us any another take here is normal color color color here is this color well let it be an ordinary box and so dashboard me here at all not like not very.

Around the axis turn 2 well Yes two stars because I first far behind.

Let’s pick it up.

Sharp reversal 3.

The junction to sink this task without violations less on for 17 seconds nimbly slipped without food without crossing the line stepped here to me will need any a serious machine such a.

Better better take this one. colors so fasten your belt start engine.

Travel on the prohibiting signal of the traffic light I didn’t come anywhere so not managed any this machine he already available new cars.

But let’s still perform the third a star in 17 seconds and it fits to this on slightly retarded me on it uncomfortable I feel like a Russian classic passes.

The first gas to the floor now Bulba no time.

On this machine accurately have time not over the nightmare I don’t understand.

I just don’t understand travel on forbidding Yes there was no travel you see there it is the line there it is before there was no such thing as that car driving is always famous for its stupidity.

As we rush 17 seconds and from it is unreal not know personally buggy 17 seconds and even not copes with me nimble machine let’s see what I’ve discovered this minibus I will call it UAZ the van opened I’m going test this van and me we need to turn off the sound on what is not really going to get I do not understand I’d like to know which underground we assembled this simulator ourselves something too many mistakes and here is take here is this voice accompaniment violation here was not ticked. why did she work blackberries so why me cameras on center I think I cut someone off 80’s already scored under a hundred in third gear brakes this stroller scoring coupe wipers what credit what traffic all percent’s.

One of those pedestrians why not order about 50 percent of the traffic. let’s put aggressive assimilate what why not again the camera is not centered and not got it.

Take the motorway.

All cool drivers drive only on highways at full throttle now I will show what is aggressive I can almost see their aggressiveness although this one.

It is a good idea that one yonder however he quickly gave up when he saw I was afraid of the wheelbarrow in front of me get closer to her than 50 metres’.

One hundred twenty.

Cool on other high beam feel 20 all up rocket speed ha ha Shomer ha ha 140 to Shah presses 140 they just made me stop now accelerate will be very, very but their aggressiveness is that they brakes up they make me this presentation is now real saved and here is in this they masters of here is in this their aggressiveness is about braking I think I tore it to 130 almost there’s a speedometer too guys shows about paid attention there 120 and there 115.

It is generally a joint right now I have on the speedometer 80 not 75 this is a standard machine why here the speed so of course shows here is 8075 the virtual reality shows you’re human so you should maybe I don’t understand now either comment on why this is so in short not not know in what underground and his collected but shoals have a lot left check out the really cool thing this transportation.

I took the order 3 kilometers are you sure are you crazy.

After shoke’m gonna go Shoka Shokh works and the there’s no sho ha ha ha in the new wrapper where the hell are you going not I in principle know that machines show less greater speed and than it’s basically there it seems to me that everything cars show a little more. a little smaller.

Why do I hear that.

Maybe there is also used this function this write.

Taurus is the knobble the knobble fishechku so 600 meters why with a turn signal and why am I driving with turn signal jump che-he will be scoring by now the full scale of rating guys just complete anyway.

I’ll drive very carefully only you and I don’t have a sign to give way to the pedestrian crossing and direction to the right direction right.

Concede concede concede all probably not well soon it just need to give about yourself created without problems me immediately the right take away I won’t give up soon I guess I don’t know I’d take it so so so so so and you know what problem.

The problem is that the first I already tired of conceding the second I’m tired of what I have nearby is a phone, look no the hands of the food we take the speed slowly and for not dude understanding there phone pereeive and.

This phone now at all me increasingly sound track spoilt.

Reptile us phone who does not throw generally.

Not the car guys, my car is a class the minibus it is called I am now only from mother he not honestly there is no one I thought that us someone goes to moneys’.

More it was sharp.

I agree.

And where is my rating but now there was no sudden braking now well stopped and now will the joke between bingbin estimate now he will tell that I should with this air eat check in on zayaz clear diesel simply Deza have us with me stopping by you can’t agree to that. generally have to disembark passengers Qur’an with stop by maybe it and but without the right fuel, too, and shit you come out.

Don without Penza the I you would still I will not drive as if here it is necessary to address to judges.

Well red light I will not stand and flash constantly here, I’m going to a few minutes of standing just to flash to this turn signal not us the brain. are you crazy.

Now be.

To haven’t lost my mind had the turn signals will do well to get sound this is more pleasant although in this UAZ sound it couldn’t be nicer. topic just.

So Ah crusade I big as you not done yet but full rating from not deserved 1.

Transportation are not supposed to understand the beginner in first shipments give a full rating well really powerful very powerful and by the way I came from where I came from has started and.


Parking a Sol Sol Sari expect this is not.

Perhaps not was expect I already arrived Santa.

Okay that’s it thank you all for view.

Unfortunately unfortunately aggressive I didn’t see any traffic by the way under my video the video before last one man wrote that recently bought the simulator and the developers told him wrote not it is important that on crashes simulator but throws Yes it is due to the fact that not included state key and about the malfunction I’ll get it all out now I played have played for long enough carried the passenger the pleasure just playing for company regulated traffic free driving weighed.

Everything works.

On this all all thank you for viewing subscribe to the channel put like while.

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