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Description of the video guide «How to install the mod in the old version of City Car Driving»

Hey, Guys! This is How To Install Modded Cars, If you have any problems just leave a comment hope you enjoyed.

Fix for please check if the file is open in a another program link: Как исправить ошибку «Please Check If This File Is Opened In Another Program» в City Car Driving.


All you need to do for it to work is download the file and then drag it to where you would normally find the Player_Cars and make sure you are in version 1.2.5 (V1.2) because you cant install modded car if you are in a lower version!


Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey what’s going on guys Phoenix here and today I can show you to install multi cars on city car driving I promised I would do this vid after I’ve done my city car driving review and then here it is let’s get started first thing you want to do is head over to this forum page now I will leave a link to this page and because it’s a forum page it takes a long time to get to this page so I just leave a link to it’s a washing page because obviously the game is Russian and all you do is just if you have Google Chrome it should translate for you but if it doesn’t just press translate so yeah anyway now if you go down to to the second bit here which says alphabetical to click on that and you have a whole list of cars here just loads and loads of cars all cars you have your make models of real cars in city car driving to drive around and everything so it’s really quite cool and yeah so just click on whatever car you want to install is not loads bin wld well sup and Sadie’s just loads of cards and I think I’m going to install this m4 here I’ve already got the link open so you just click on it like that and then I’ll open it but — it’s been quite so I already got it open for you alright you should come to a similar page like this and all you do is just click on the lights see here it says m3 that’s what I clicked on so all you do is click on it again I should come up with a similar thing like this you should be able to work out yourself is quite easy but yeah you should come up with similar thing like this just basically the car you clicked on when it comes to space if it hasn’t out loaded straight away just try and find where it says it again and you should be there so yeah I think I’m just going to store it same three seems quite nice so yeah and all you do is just go here it should say link or download or and if it doesn’t say download it should say download somewhere else so yeah all you do is just press the link that as you come to it as posit files now all you do is press regular or if you have gold but some people don’t so regular which I don’t let’s press the regular and now you gotta wait 60 seconds for it so yeah why that’s doing it let’s find the your city car driving folder all you do is just go to start press computer and going to C Drive Program Files x86 now if you run in 32-bit it’s going to be just normal program files if you run in 64-bit it’s going to be the x86 now if you’re done on what you’re running just click on both until you find city car driving basically so I’m one is it’s full bit so it’s this one for me now you just go down this in a protocol order until you find city car driving like that all we do is open that up now just leave it there until the folder is downloaded.

It’s gone oh just quite another 10 seconds or so yeah so yeah guys I’m please leave some feedback if you would like to see some 60 car driving driving basically um it’s really fun should have a bit of laughs and everything so yeah now you’ll come to this this will just stupid thing which you’ve got to type in to prove you’re human you know it’s just why don’t sit well anyway just work out what it says and type it in it’s really not a problem this sometimes though just give some stupid ones and then one stop then press Continue hopefully it works might have to do it a few times if you got it wrong and just press download the file nice to start downloading you will need WinRAR for this I will leave a link in description to the 32-bit and the 64-bit just download 64-bit I guess yeah just just download when well basically and once you download winrar you should be you’re fine to go so yeah guys once it’s downloaded we will be able to install it basically it’s really easy to do it’s not really that hard at all I don’t think really like it’s just hard it’s a lot to do basically it not knows the dough beats enough to do where you could forget or something so you will need notepad plus plus so if you just literally go to google and type in notepad puss-puss.

You should be able to get it under notepad plus plus as you see here click on it click on the website and this download is you need it to edit them to install the cars so you really do need it doesn’t need it easier way to use it than just normal notepad you just quickly download that you should be fine really.

It should be no problem so yeah it’s nearly done 30 seconds my upload speeds not the best a moment I’m not class just I don’t see what’s wrong with it we hope we upgrading my internet it’s just I don’t know ah come on yes success so yeah we’ll be making a few minecraft tutorials and me and vortex will be doing dual comms as much as we can and hopefully you guys will stick around and want to see us mess around basically anyway now that’s downloaded just click on it and open up the raw folder back like that you don’t have to unroll it I don’t really think this 9 point just exhale and then drag both of these file that file and you’ll wear your 60 kala jamun folder is to the side so you’ve got them both together you got Windows 7 it’s easy to do so basically when you when you’ll come to a similar page like this in your while folder the one you just downloaded what we do is just click on that until you find data and export like that now you can see on your city car driving folder that you’ve also got data and export all you do is just highlight from the right folder your data and export over to there press yes yes again and there we go we’ll be back in a second guys right guys sorry about that.

Now once you’ve put your data and export over to your city car driving folder open your data folder and then into config and then you just want to scroll down to find player under school cars now once you’ve found that just right-click and then open with note will edit with notepad plus plus that’s the reason why you need notepad plus box and open that up now you’ll come with this basically if you’ve never installed model cars before which that’s probably why you watching this tutorial because you’ve never watch you never installed multi cars before so basically it will say it’s add new cars below this line so basically all you want to do is go back until you find something like this in your your a folder you’ll the car folder you just downloaded open that up and then you should come something like this it’s got loads of writing it probably won’t be in English but you know you’ve got that that’s that’s what you need that’s the bit.

You need to edit it to make the car work all you do is just highlight all that and then copy it ctrl C for copy that is and then you do and then when you go onto your city car drive in what you’ve just opened with notepad plus plus you just paste it into there underneath that line and that is control V if you didn’t already know now this is probably the most tricky trickiest part and that’s probably the bit you you could go wrong with I would say because when I first done that this is a bit I went wrong with and it’s quite easy once you know what you do basically this top bit here which is car name being W all that just backspace there so it’s lined up with it and then all the rest just backspace it and do one space if you’re not I mean so basically all you gotta do is go to here backspace and do it one space from there so these little things here should line up with this C just do it for all of them sometimes some mum cause the easier than others to line up this one seems to be better in it and all of it like that now you should have this car here and that car there line up together now will not plus plus all you do is click on that one and that one and then it should eat we’ll say it’s lined up so it’s all really cool so I basically just got to make sure that and that’s lined up and all the rest this space is one space in front of there which should line up to see now you have this bit here all you do is just backspace it up until you get like that so it’s just like that now when you want to add your second modded car in you always need this cars here you always need it underneath so basically to do that you just go here and press enter so it’ll go down and then paste and then paste your new modded car in so basically what I’m trying to say is this pile has always got to be underneath these this text not on every single one only on your latest one you’ve just downloaded so yeah basically that’s one thing you really got to make sure you do because otherwise it will just it up so yeah once you’ve done that just save it like that.

Exit out of all that and it should be done in it should work to be honest so just load up Stu car driving free drivin vehicle and there it is you probably come to here just go all the way to the end all right again G cars and there will be right there yeah so this is really good because you call quite a limited cars here to be honest and it’s really good that you can basically go beyond that boundaries and have almost unlimited cars so it’s really good you can many model or mate which is on that website so guys if that’s helped please leave us a like if you have any problems at all just drop a comment and I will help you as much as I can so yeah guys see you next time.

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