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Автор: AR Cars

Description of the video guide «How to solve problems with the game wheel in City Car Driving»

This is a tutorial on how to make city car driving much more playable by changing the maximum input value.

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In today’s video so today I’m going to be showing you how to change the maximum input value of your steering wheel on city car driving so this is useful if you have a like a 180 degree wheel or something like that so the wheel I’ve got is a thrust master for our GT experience wheel I’m not sure on the rotation of it but I have created something or works so you want to go into documents library and you want to go to forward development and city car driving and you want to click config then just click on game now you want to scroll down until you see game so it’s in this bit somewhere and it is somewhere.

Okay guys so this is what you’re looking for these two lines here so originally this is going to be set to one point zero zero zero zero zero zero and the best one for me with the steering wheel I’m using is this value here so if you’ve got the same wheel as me you can obviously go ahead and use that and this this true thing here that will be set as false by default so you want to write true just so the game knows that’s what you want to use and you just obviously want to save that afterwards once you’ve finished editing it and click off it and click on city car driving okay so now on city car driving you can go to the controls obviously make sure you’ve got your drivers installed you don’t have to do this because it recognizes it anyway but I’m just doing it anyway so we’ll go on to free driving and we’re going to just drive around in this Honda CRX because I like this car it’s very good car okay go so here we are in the game and then I’m going to fully turn the steering wheel and as you can see the the slider thing only like goes so far and I’m trying to point at the TV but you can’t you can’t see so anyway I picked an awkward spot to start off then my bad.

So we’re just going to go for a drive now just so you can see the actual resort so getting out of parking spaces and stuff like that is a bit tougher but it’s worth it for the actual driving feel and like the way it dry so just like driving normally you can see it so that so up well obviously can’t see much Apple and once we turn corners and stuff and drive down the road so Lane changing and is a big one not so what easy to change lanes now and then also turning corners and like going down windy roads is a lot easier to thanks to the input volume so just going on just a quick drive just so you can see obviously my future videos where I’m driving will be using this setting so you will be able to see a tournament like that so that’s my buddy but you just got to remember that obviously you won’t be able to turn as much so that’s like the sacrifice but the way it works is that you I turn your steering wheel the same amount but on the game it doesn’t like turn as much so the turning is smoother that’s kind of a dodgy way to explain import Hey so I do recommend not 0.35 but obviously you can change it to customize whatever steering wheel you’ve gotten obviously to suit yourself.

So I find 0.35 through the best because if you’re on 0.30 then then it’s quite hot at your ten three nine degree corners and stuff like that so here I’m not sure if it all worked on the cracked versions of C car driving because I pay for mine but um obviously if you’ve got the crack version you can try well I don’t recommend using the crack version is pretty from honest sorry for the frame race kids obviously so like the framerate dips a bit and I’ve still got all the graphics open fancy saying so or for me it’s fancy sends anyway let’s see right corner piece of piss I notice I burn off down it’s pretty sick car this must say a lot by a link in the description in the future we’re going to be tuning this car.

So there going to be a video soon where we grade this car for this game so make sure you subscribe and won’t knock this stuff light long hope you enjoyed this video I’m just going to leave it here for now you’ve seen a bit of driving obviously I’ll let you get on with it on them do it yourself so you can have a great drive it also makes a game a lot more playable oh yeah and then I’m gonna go now because I’m running out of things to say got a sore throat and I’ll see you in my next video peace.

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