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Прохождение миссии «Гараж» в Сити Кар Драйвинг. Я прошёл, пусть и не с первого раза, на 3 звезды. Здесь показываю как проходил гараж, без монтажа видео.

Задание. Установите транспортное средство в бокс, совершив маневр в ограниченном пространстве следуя разметке.

  1. Выполнить задание для достижения гараж.
  2. Менее чем 25 секунд без нарушений, для Быстрая стоянка.
  3. Ближе к задний линии бокса для Отличная точность.

City Car Driving – реалистичный симулятор вождения автомобиля, который поможет вам освоить базовые навыки управления машиной в различных дорожных условиях, с погружением в среду, максимально приближенную к реальной.

Текстовая версия гайда (автором созданные субтитры)

Hello everyone today I will continue to pass.

The career of a shovel carving so the next.

Task I need to complete this task.

Garage in less than 25 seconds and.

Park closer to the back wall on.

Let’s choose a point let’s take a ten.

No better though.

Some other one that I really like.

Rarely and still well for example let it be here this.


Damn mirrors are so uncomfortable I don’t know anything I see why.

And so it happened.

By the way it looks great here.

Knock down the cone.

Yes it will be difficult.


For some reason I can’t drive this car.

Fit re-enabling the rear.


What’s wrong with that.

No it’s not too close it’s not too close.

Close and not clear this task from the first.

Times are not given.

And I can’t fit in this car..

This trajectory.

And I want him to go to the floor.

Garage and all.

Garage and all damn it’s a kick ass how inconvenient mom now I’m just specifically stopped Yes and here I fit.

Quite close.

Excellent accuracy so and time is time.


And went beyond the marking line you can just back view.

Quick Parking papered.

And what hurt me back to see I do not know.

For some reason I have this thought in the end head came okay this video turned out.

Not the first time to pass the garage but.

Agree to this in this car Yes.

What does the car have to do with it.

The simulator is not clearly visible from behind is able to undertake tasks not.

The first time if you think there is.

Professional who fully can.

Pass the exercise the first time then you.

Deeply mistaken.

This is not a real game after all.

Series, keyboard and mouse and.

Even in the real world do not pass on.

20-30 times is not okay and we are checking all thank you for watching subscribe to.

Channel put like until.


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