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Description of the video guide «How to properly configure Logitech G27 (steering wheel sensitivity) for City Car Driving 1.4»

Hello! I just found out the right settings for this game so I just had to share it with you guys. Because since it took me some time to figure out I’m It sure can save you some time by making this video.

Skip ahead to 04:00 for the in game settings.

Power supply: Only 400W, but apparently it works!

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Hello guys it’s your man broburga here and this is a quick video on how to set up your steering wheel with force feedback and working correctly with city car driving or 3D instructor i know i made a video earlier about this but this is just a little fix video or update so what you wanna do first is go into and get this uh.. software for your wheel so go into this search box here and search for your wheel in my case i have the G27 by the way it may look different in your language uh… i have it set to US down here so once you’re in here you click on support then click on downloads choose your.


And choose your.

Uh.. multilingual bit there (32bit or 64bit) download and install the software be sure to have your wheel plugged in because otherwise you can’t install the software so after you opened up Logitech Profiler it shouldlook something like this it might look different if you have another steering wheel but with the G27 it looks like this if you have set a profile or something i recommend reinstalling with the newest version of this program because you don’t need to make any profiles or anything oh and when you install it be sure to have your language because as you see here i’m stuck on my language but i’m sure you will understand where i click so click on here and go to the bottom and click there and you will get this screen popping up go into this button here now you can just make sure that your wheel is fully connected and working all right and to make sure force feedback is working you can just click a button on the uh….

Gearbox or a button on the wheel and it starts.

Doing it’s thing there and pedals you can check that they work aswell to calibrate them just push them all the way down all right and you can also access these settings.

From here but you.

Probably won’t be doing that cuse these are all the same settings.

Which also find here in the button beside that and then at the bottom they’re just a bit different organized i don’t know why it’s like that but click on standard here just to be sure and uh….

Increase this to the maximum for city car driving if you have a game like live for speed you might want to have it at something like that for the most.

Correct steering and you know for it to mimic the game be sure that this option here is checked it’s basically says that uh… let the game.

Change the settings so it doesn’t go after these settings here but it goes after the game settings click on ok and then you’re ready you can just start up you game i’ll see you there.

So let’s say you open up city car driving for the first time here then you just go into settings and i’m gonna tell you about the other settings to so you can correctly have this game and in the best way that you would want this can be turned on and off with a button in the game (bindable) uh….

Of course you want your turn signals to automatically shut off after you’ve turned and this is uh.. the look will go after how much you turn the wheel well i recommend having that off but you can have that on if you think it’s uh… a nice feature graphic settings here well if you’re having problems with fps i recommend lowering the screen resolution anti aliasing you want to turn that down the visual range takes up a lot of memory as well mirror reflection that is not so useful because you dont look in your mirror so often so you can turn that down also texture quality is probably the biggest thief of fps here.

The sound.

I want to turn off the voice violation because i dont even understand russian yeah that’s basically those settings for this to be exactly like you have i’m gonna put uh… these all on default… so… let’s uh… start up here i’m gonna also show you how i do this so.

You can exactly see alright so there you can see my pedals basically what i do is i double click and i push the gas all the way down do the same for brake be sure to push it all the way down (fast) and keep it like that till it recognizes it do the same for clutch now we move on to the steering wheel here’ click left turn it to the left do the same.

To the right.

First gear.

Just put it into first well you get my point here just put all gears.

Like so.

And of course reverse you want to push that down but i was too slow there have to do it quet fast so then you just click on your steering wheel and you check this box here retain the gear while button is pressed make sure force feedback support is on and have it to uh… maximum here.

Clutch pedal dead zone put that.

All the way to the left left turn signal.

Actually i want to have that left turn signal there right turn signal there look left.

I have it on that one and look right i usually have it on that one and look backwards just put that so go down to general here now steering wheel linearity have it on on maximum.

And the brake linearity too and now you’re basically good to go these dead zones are not important but if you have a cheap wheel i recommend increasing the dead zones a little bit (not steering) alright so.

Click on apply.

If that button lights up go back.

Just start your free ride so i’ll basically show you now that uh… this works.

With the force feedback and all this game is uh… realistic and sorry about the lag it’s because i’m actually rendering out another video right now as you see now i have no problems with.

Gas or the brake.

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