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Description of the video guide «How to adjust the steering wheel for City Car Driving, and how to fix the problem with the steering wheel immobility»

Видеоруководство на английском языке по настройке руля для симулятора City Car Driving.

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Hello and welcome to this tutorial of city car driving and how to set up your steering wheel and door shifter if you have one city college and has made it very simple recently in a update as well as before to assign a steering wheel in the game took a lot of what I would call manual labor.

Whereas now they’ve made it a lot easier as I’m about to show you but before I do that I do want to say that in my opinion it is almost critical that you use a steering wheel with this game this is a simulator and this is a driving simulator you can always use a keyboard and mouse but you have a hard time not too much of a hard time it is possible but you will struggle especially if we’re driving a manual because you’re going to have to be pressing two three buttons at the same time which is a bit of a task especially if you want to do career mode which involves a lot of manual driving as well as automatic so let’s begin then first things first from the main screen here go to settings of course go straight to controls on the right and here you’ll find the basic settings area and this is what I was talking of before this whole control section has been redone this basic settings area was not here before you just had this window where you know all of these assigned buttons had to be done manually so because it was initially or by default shall I say it was done for.

Keyboard and mouse setup so they have made life a lot easier by doing it this way so now let’s begin by default I have already set up this profile so as you can see my control unit has steering all selected already but you should have keyboard if I’m not mistaken the first time so what you got to do control units steering wheel set of settings which doesn’t make much sense not thinking about it it should say will or select your wheel bar set of settings interesting anyway so here you have a small I would say small list now I do have a logitech 329 plugged in I don’t know if because of this is the will that I have it showing me these options or if these are the only options that you can have to set up on this game because I’m surprised quite a bit actually that there is no Thrustmaster wheel especially if there are many many other worlds but Thrustmaster is arguably the most popular wheel out there and so it does surprise me quite a bit that is not here so I do hope for the sake of everyone even in this game or if the everyone’s looking to buy this game for their sake that I only have these because I have a logitech will anyway you select your wheel from here and so I have a logitech 329 and also have a shifts are so I click on that and these are the defaults so the gas brake and clutch producer all sets up the steering wheel is set up everything is pretty much set up for you and you can change you know as you wish so if you were not happy for example the high beams were initially K this is what it was initially however I much prefer the high beam buttons to be on the steering wheel for easy access so to change all you have to do you double click and you press the button that you wish to change for in this case the playstation bought 2 on the will and that works for anything if I let’s see if I wanted to change the adjustment of mirrors button if I wanted it to be n instead of F then I just double click and I change it and again to change it back double click and F one thing to note and I’ve lost my mouse very very interesting I’ve lost my mouse for some reason so let me sort that out and I’ll be back all right welcome back sorry about that some reason my mouse decided to disappear although I could still click what I needed to kick so before that incident I think I’d covered what needed to be covered in this area so now I’m going to move on to the Advanced Settings tab now this is where you can fine-tune the dead zone and linearity of each module starting off with the gas pedal the brake and then the clutch pedal now and also obviously obviously sorry V right and left steering so by the foots this is what you should have so I pressed on the gas pedal that’s correct.

The brake here and the clutch done so as you can see they are all correctly assigned by default if not then you have the option to edit what needs to be edited so the fault again this is what it should look like this is the standard defaults if you want to have them have an automatic clutch sorry you know if you start with manual cause select this and you will be able to shift up and down as you please and not store due to this being selected now retain the gear while the button is pressed this one specifically is an important one if you’re using a shifter and it took me a while to grasp lat and before I did I had some trouble the problem was when so I just had my microphone there when this is on ticked as so if I was to put the shifter into gear one and move off and then come to a stop if I was to then put the shifts are back into neutral the gearbox in the game would still be in first because the gear wasn’t retained what this means and I’ve done again what this means is imagine it being a F V first gala me whose first grand exam as an example if first gear was assigned to the letter said just this is just an example if first K was Santa letter said when I press the letter said and hold it the gearbox would be held in first gear because I’m holding the Zed button which I have assigned for first gear if I then released the set button the gearbox in the game would automatically switch back to neutral so it’d only be in first gear for the duration of the time that I’m holding the Zed key that is what retaining the gear is retaining the gates literally just retaining so holding in place the gear so if my shifters in first gear as long as it is there I am in first gear as long as I put the shifter back into neutral or move up to second I will no longer be in second gear but I didn’t know this so I had to assign the neutral function to a button on my steering go so as you can imagine not very realistic of Portus game you know because of the realism and so it’s a bit of a bummer when playing thankfully I had the bit of it just got to a point where I just thought okay.

Surely something’s wrong here because I used the pay this before when it was automatically I’m assuming ticked because I was not very cool doing it myself with the shifter and I had no worries and so I knew something was off and so I just did a bit of online research and realized that this function was unticked so please please please if you’re using a shifter make sure you have that ticked and then you have automatic turn light switch off which i think is they haven’t worded it as well as they could have but it’s quite self explanatory so of course take that and then we move down to view as you can imagine this is just camera so if you wanted you know if you’re turning right and you’re on the camera to move to the right automatically take that and each of these thankfully are quite self-explanatory so you can edit them as you wish and lastly on this menu we have fully feedback so a force feedback you can turn it on and off by taking this box it shows you what device you want feedback from and the scale of feedback again very self-explanatory now some problem or one of the problems that I’ve come across a lot of the time is when in-game the stiffness of the steering wheel so you can have the you know a lot of experiences myself you can have this all the way down here and somehow you get into the game and the will is ridiculously stiff you know which is not realistic at all so a fix for that which you can do then this is just a little bonus this is not in the game I will out top now old tab sorry head to whoops.

Let’s head to V.

Let me just do it this way you head down here right-click and open so this is the Logitech Gaming software click on the steering wheel and come up to the top section of the steering wheel and you’ll find a little drop-down arrow here click it X’s properties you click on that and here there is an option called centering Spring strength this is the strength of the steering go returning to the central position again it explains itself so I’ve got mine set to 50% it’s still bit stiff in the game so you might want to you know according to what you want you might want to make that higher or lower than 50% but 50% is what I’ve got it at and I think will let me know see what I think would be good because you know everyone varies everyone’s you know everyone has their own perfect spots so I would just say change it see how is in the game and from the number and from the experience you can either make it a lower percentage or a higher percentage it’s completely up to you but this is the sort of key if you wanna call it that so the gaming software itself and again you go you select your steering wheel up to the top section drop-down arrow axes properties and centering spring strength and you can also if you don’t want 4c back at 2:00 in the game and take that enable centering spring in force-feedback Games city car driving is a force feedback game and so under this here so if you don’t want force-feedback.

A to n city car driving make sure this is on tickets and ok and we can go back into the game let’s uncheck this apply that and that is all i hope this tour has been helpful I hope I’ve covered what I needed to cover I hope I’ve helped you if I were looking for something specific specific under what I’ve covered there should be it if there’s anything else he may need helpful to do with this game or using a steering wheel or a shifter in this game feel free to comment below asking me and if I know how to help you I’ll be more than happy to do to do that as quickly as possible if you’ve liked the video please give it a thumbs up if not thumb it down subscribe if you want to see more and peace.

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