Как настроить геймпад PS3 для игры в City Car Driving (ручное управление) - City Car Driving (CCD) гайд

Автор: Old School Gadgets

Description of the video guide «How to set up a PS3 gamepad to play City Car Driving (manual control)»

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Hello guys this is my first video on YouTube and today I’m going to show you guys how to play city car driving with a ps3 controller so what you do first you’re going to plug your USB into your computer and now you’re going to get ourselves to your called motion join and now I’m going to show you how to get it okay so now what you do is go to this website here or including the description so you can scroll down here it’s going to say site one click on it it’s going to start downloading then you’re going to install the software okay okay so after the software is installed double click on it and go to driver manager go down yes and now it’s going to show up this line here and click on this load driver it’s going to take a little and yep it’s done now you go back to profiles I know it’s ps3 controller but for me I will choose Xbox 360 controller because it works on most of the games and now what you do is you click on enable and for checking you just go to a cam controller panel properties and move here it’s working perfectly okay click on yes.

No no updating okay cool okay so now we are in the game we go to settings controls just there’s keyboard here we go up we click up double click we press up/down brake clutch I prefer l2 and that.

Right next year try Circle Square for parking break start on an off engine for up arrow and now we go to turn that signal l1 right down r2 r1 sorry and sit down.

Select look right and left like that what arrow and you’re ready to go so we put back your driving okay so now we press the clutch and up to start the engine and we can save with the parking brake I put the step out go to reverse by pressing circle while you’re pressing the clutch and go back slowly we are ready to go so you can control your speed slower that’s pretty much that to thank you guys for watching.

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