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Как накрутить лошадиные силы силы в игре City Car Driving? Показываю, как я собирал авто ВАЗ 2110 в симуляторе сити кар дайвинг. Также показываю результат, который получился. Авто оказалось очень мощным и безусловно эффективным.

ВАЗ 2110 полностью справилась с экзаменом в городе. В этом видео я показываю, как прошел перекресток на изи, на 3 звезды.

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How to wind up a horse power simulator city car driving not with them seen as you’ll get a lot of horsepower I’ll take it VAZ 2110 don’t let’s pass to the auto shop.

There is go to the root folder of the simulator I through steam so quickly find the car date physics.

Machine Corr 0 1 attention here cannot be wind up the horsepower here you can work with the speed with brakes with the clutch in the main power is regulated daddy and start these correspondents with a number are standard machines are sometimes hard to figure out but I I know that Corr 0 1 this ten power is power.

It opens and you can go to the goals open with Notepad and try do something with Notepad. but in manual mode and hardly anything will do.

I advise you to download x goals or just like me plunge.

We open at me it is open office because that excel weighs too much and is too long put this power table eyes cm10 type is indicated here turns like Yes maybe I am a little confused but approximately so and the level on the compressed gas respectively that’s one hundred percent gas and this is about 40 50 percent let’s change the horsepower in this tens in the present tens standard up to real in the real world somewhere 100 horses but here it is registered here such and here is somewhere about 100 horses here 120 t-60 no.

Such adjustment in this simulator I’ll put 400 here.

To clearly show that I am something made inter copy open office well copies and put here here highlight insert and here it is now accordingly I keep all this business keep using the current Yes the car has become more powerful but the whole problem in tuning is that it is not enough to wind up horsepower it is necessary still work with many other things right now I have 400 here horsepower but the car doesn’t really go now we need to go to cars I’ve already told you a little about this one setting if so and put expensive the tires as well, about I have this there will be somewhere two on the front they are their running up to the leading unit on the rear let’s say these are semi sports tires so the artifacts appeared but the wheelbarrow began to go but not enough braking.

The rail is front and rear something like Togo.

Let’s put on a period of 2 to 2000 a back looking for 700 also I noticed artifacts and I need to work on the camera again let’s change the camera it will be a game data cars 01 camera have its we already open through the not fee. hope the front code is this camera driver for if it is not so will have to very long to look for it put 2 0 save so to worked I sat closer now necessary.

Move the view camera away this is to prevent artifacts from climbing out from new super sports tires and new engine tuned.

Check the brakes.

They’re better now so she stops because the front is bigger than the front rear increase put back 2000 too now the car is no longer left or right rightwards.

Put the same.

Now the car brakes smoothly in some situations, depending on but you still have to put different numbers for front for rear axle but for this ten it is better to put identical number.

Even a little bit here again gone gone on let’s test it now.

In a real situation what happened and let’s show the simulator where the crayfish overwinter if of course it turns out I have at intersections there is a problem complete this task without violation less than 17 seconds to get I skipped quickly since I was under tuning shaft your 2010 standard specifically specifically standard to I want to load her in this task verify.

Is this speed enough for me to I was able to pass the time quickly 140 either.

1 41 someone me wrote that have you in it’s 143.

The main thing is now we’ll see you got a new achievement smartly slipped.

145 showed a simulator for the sake of raki in winter and so it is necessary to go so well on this my video on tuning fits thank you all for viewing write what was not clear sign up for channel who is not signed yet.

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