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Hey, Guys! I know you have been having some problems with this but i have found out a way to fix it!

So hope this helps and please share this if anyone else is having to problem!

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Hey what’s going on guys Phoenix here and today I’m going to show you how to fix that little problem that people having when they’re put in a city car driving mods on it’s basically saying like when when you try to save your notepad plus pass it so as you saying opening another program something like that I’ve actually found out a way to solve that problem so yes let me show you how you do it first of all you have to open up where your city car folder is you should know it is and just data config and then go down to your play on school cars and that is where you’re having your problem where you’re trying to edit it let me show you what it is it when you guys edit notice pastor you put in you know this stuff here I was kind of like something it doesn’t really matter and you close it do you want to save the program yet because you’re done you know you’ve done it perfectly first yes.

Oh what’s this check your file is another program so you go oh what’s going on now you know you would find in this city car video and it normally is I recorded that on my laptop and add none of that problem but when I got my new PC here um I had the same problems I thought I’ve got to find a way to fix this you know and so I have so anyway let’s just get rid of this first new so all you do is click on your player on tool cars like that and then right click and then go on to properties so now you’ll come out of this or you donate your top here you’ll see four little tabs go on to the Security tab and this is where you’re actually having your problem right here you have system administrators or users I think it’d probably be the same like yours but anyway and all you basically do you go from all like that and then you think okay so what they do now basically you on edit here you might be prompt but I wasn’t and now this is where you’re having your problem here this is your permissions in the that actual folder now basically these free tabs here what you have to make sure is that allow this allow appears all ticked and the now no ticks are in the denying tab because this is where you actually having your problem now my system as default already.

The loud and saves the as many writers which it probably will be the same as yours if not just make sure that all ticked as aloud now the way you actually having your problem is in the users tab bit we’re only a few is actually ticked for aloud as in the read the read ones and that’s that’s what it is the problem is is that it’s making you can read it but you’re not you haven’t got that full control to actually save it so it’s really simple it all you do is go as you can see it says full control press that top one and then the all tick for you know you all you do is go on apply you have to press apply if you don’t leave one you know you want apply it lets press ok and okay now see if it works right click edit a night pass purpose and then you type in all your stuff flight it will be obviously this but you can type in what you want press that and then press your save file and that is you haven’t got that problem no more so you know I had to find a way to do it and this is the only way I could really seem there is other ways where you have to drag out your desktop and drag it back in but to be photo if you put in a lot of cars in that does get kind of frustrated and so yes if this helped please leave a like and share it around if if you know anyone having these problems because to be honest it does hit quite frustrating you know so yeah there will be more city car driving videos coming out um it’s little bit on a delay thing at the moment I will explain in videos though so yeah if it helped up please leave a like and subscribe some more great videos from me and vortex see you guys next time.

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