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Description of the video guide «How to add any vehicle to traffic in City Car Driving»

В этом видео гайде вы узнаете, кто можно добавить любую пользовательскую машину в трафик в игре City Car Driving.

Видео гайд представлен на английском языке, но даже если вы не знаете английский язык, то визуально можно понять, что требуется делать.

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No people he bets some other people today I’m that we shown you guys how to add any card traffic and city for driving.

First of all headed until your city car driving folder so and then go to data physics cars and then whatever car you want to add to traffic so I guess I will add me Ford Transit now you should see one file and once it’s already in traffic called P player set up called I and I all you need to do is copy this file and paste it again into the same folder rename this to P this is delete copy off of it and then name it P traffic or setup dot ini and on you’re done with that part go back to data go to config oh oh one more thing one more thing one thing find um go back to physics and cars and now whatever car you uh you added so I added the Ford Transit.

Click on the folder name click it again and copy the names of them folder now go back data config and then traffic cars XML edit it with whatever program you would like to excuse moped plus plus now you should see a bunch of traffic codes here now the let make the last one go ahead and start trying to get out do this car name equals quote just copy one of these and then paste the car name in for another quotes face prob is equals and then the probability that it will come up so we want it to come up quite often so I can show you guys so we will do zero point zero and then one just make it one of the most common cars that put slash and then do this so now your traffic car code is them click save it now I’m going to head and game and we’re gonna see our Ford Transit in action Wow see we are in game and we should have a car now for the Ford Transit twice it transferred remoteness oh no he hit me gosh golly what am I gonna do now.

Yes okay so you can see there’s a Ford Transit thanks for watching.

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