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Полный текст описания обновления City Car Driving 1.5.9: City Car Driving обновился до версии 1.5.9! Что нового?

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Hello everyone today I will play in network simulator as drying version 159 here in the corner we see a new version games the game has been updated and 158 has turned in 159.

What changes have been made to this simulator.

But in the introduction for service stations services in the new version we implemented the opportunity for free restores the state of the car without restarting the session right now driving also in the event of emergency situations can either self drive to out of order repair or teleport to the tow truck with the case of a serious so for example a failure of the steering brake system control and there like now as in real life you will need to visit without Azau vanne with us serviceable the vehicle in favor of them will be to less than the rating also changed the mechanism of occurrence emergency situations and now they will to emerge ostentatious legs Yes I observed the that appear in an emergency situation and also I noticed that I did not find how teleport I just drove to how to teleport I’ve learned principle can be until finalized big Navigator an opportunity has appeared move the map with the left mouse button within its display area and you can double click the left mouse button to set the point on the map which is then laid.

Route on the map appeared appeared again designations of various objects I took it from the big ones for a large gas station, the hypermarket from the rear monuments.

Also on the map appeared fickle designation of final and intermediate route point.

Key point of passenger and freight transport and endpoint generated or a permanent manually route change weather time of day and traffic density during the game you now have ability to change the time of day weather conditions traffic density and the aggressiveness of the traffic is not reloading the virtual world is a new examination in the city a new generated route in the new the password will be issued to the user in the normal mode of passing the exercise instead of starlix.

If the former route has always been same then new ones are generated each once again has a huge amount a variety of options for training and the astral remains of the old version where introduced.

Canadian localization of the vehicle emergency services and road and license plates signs fines, turn right and red light canadian localization I don’t I know which one of these has a language added added cargo all-metal van with automatic transmission in two versions cargo and passenger with possibility of driving with a trailer added and the check point for SUV perhaps this is an automatic transmission for Oise patriot.

Because more SUV I’m here in I didn’t see any.

Expanded the choice right-hand drive cars at the expense of cars that previously had only left hand drive at a complete set added ability to produce clutches and uncoupling with the trailer is now all the monuments are on their permanent places regardless of the selected and now the choice of localization of the game can be done directly in the in the simulator they are prisoners of steam. more realism to the world around you optimized graphics and overall performance update noticeable.

I especially remember this thing with Kay it is possible to regulate traffic and it is in it’s very cool but I’m driving mouse and cursor and moves when I choosing season on either what traffic put never I I release escape to a wheel at me too strays here in terms of what the cursor is moves with the wheel of course uncomfortable look now I’m here the cursor in the regiment of the mind and the machine I immediately also God will go so include this not when you’re standing we at least as for me Yes without a rudder if if it the mouse the game where the mouse moves with this menu is as would lack of for me from moreover not understood as teleportnutsya on page like how can I get to eat it this is a very cool looking map open and we can drag the map which is also very cool before this is not was this already it seems on game something select a little game to choose double tapping the control point here SAG when drawn.

Prescribe the street and go on a given but how to teleport there incomprehensibly.

Even if we here is so here is now will do then open rubber and here Yes here no there’s no traffic here but here trucking industry.

Route until eats his emerges a button and automatically built a route to eat its also very convenient. for orders on a faulty car snowy that is you can get to the route and what about the point to teleport to table.

But I don’t quite understand how it works write in the comments if anyone knows as teleport there there is no such the buttons accordingly, the machine will smashed where I was hit still I noticed that malfunctions really become.

On rarely to emerge even if we Unscrew them half or full we bet they rarely appear here min fault is worth on full very liked the function of turning on the rain here this thing up.

Rain again turned on and the rain from we turn off the rain and have a while us breath on glass only then disappear.

Of course euro track simulator is better they themselves are regulated there but here though would for starters already well can be increase traffic let’s put 100 it’s fun too.

After some time passes the knees a certain amount of traffic and traffic turns on one hundred percent a lot of pedestrians right here right here the streets are Packed with pedestrians. here is more dense traffic became on a hundred and you can just turn it off whole.

It’s the aggressiveness of the fog gradually now traffic will leave with fog look when the traffic disappears here on the sly disappears but before nose that this was to he recognized before nose gone to such no here we go traffic it will be but let’s say behind traffic already almost there ends we turn here and everything is here. no more.

And there respectively too but in General very cool updates to me in you liked them enough many.

They can be seen and it’s very cool thank you all for viewing subscribe to the channel like now.

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